...with all my very special places and addresses that I tried and tested on my many walks around my most favourite city in the world...

Some of them are well known, famous, glamorous, whilst others may be only tiny, something that I thought was unique...
Here I want to share it all with you.. so check them out, they will make your Paris experience truly Mimi Magnifique!

Chanel on Avenue Montaigne might be a very obvious choice for the fierce fashionista, but it is definitely a must go, as the boutique's stunning interiors by Peter Marino are a sight to see in its own right.
51, Avenue Montaigne, 8ème.

Dani Roses at Hotel Costes is the most amazing fleuriste I know, specialized in some very rare and exquisite roses, that scream Valentinesday. Or Birthday. Or Nameday. Or Mimiday. Or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... to be continued!
239, Rue Saint Honoré, 1ère.
Deyrolle This place is a taxidermy museum turned shop. The only place I ever get to hang with real tigers, giraffes and ice bears, a bit like the dead poets society. And definitely worth a visit. Check the butterflies section, before you leave- I always get a few, they make for such beautiful, otherworldly deco objects. Not for the squeamish, though..
46, Rue du Bac, 7ème.

Galignani Buy all your favourite glossy magazines in the first English bookshop established on the continent, and read them in a lounge chair, just opposite at the Tuileries... Bliss!
224, Rue de Rivoli, 1ère.

Giuseppe Zanotti I cant praise the advantages of having a friendly neighbourhood cobbler high enough... And it's paradise for someone as tiny as mi-me, as they basically have no heel shorter than 14cm. A truly elevating experience!
12, Avenue Montaigne, 8ème.

Hervé Léger These dresses. My classics. They take me from romantic dinners to crazy nights clubbing, to funerals (if black), to baptisms (if white), to job interviews (if I ever went)... And since they do swimwear, I've taken them off on the beach as well. Go, go, get one!
24, Rue Cambon, 1ère.

Isabel Marant
Très, très bobo! And very, very cool! Love her, but can't ever help thinking 'Shouldnt I be able to do this myself!?'
1, Rue Jacob, 7ème.

Jovoy 1001 bougies. I am crazy about scents, and here I get my amazing Ambre No 1 candle, that I burn constantly in winter.. Plus, the owner is totally charmed by mi-me, and I don't recall ever having to pay for anything I 'bought'. It's a cut-throat business, right!? Whats a man to do.
4, Rue de Castiglione, 1ère.

Karry'O Every time in this tiny Saint Germain boutique I come across a stylist picking out some excuisite jewellery for an editorial shoot. That's how special these vintage gems are..
62, Rue de Saint-Pères, 7ème.

Le Bon Marché This list would not be complete without the occasional department store. This is one of my favourites. Check the ground floor for Maison Michel's amazing hat creations! Their selection of (some) designers on the ground floor is very young and eclectic, which I really, really like. And the delicious food hall
La Grande Epicerie is just next door..
24, Rue de Sèvres, 7ème.

La Maison du Chocolat Their macaroons are the best. The very best. The best of the very best. Need i go on!? Ok, get fruits rouge, vanille and pistache. Oh, and kindly get me a box too, will you chéri?
52, Rue Francois 1er, 8ème.

Maje Very Parisian style... And a wardrobe staple with all my french girlfriends.  Usually, when a jumper/jacket/tee looks just so cool, but you cant exactly place the designer, its from Maje. And prices are kinda down to earth, which makes for a refreshing change!
58, Rue Pierre Charron, 8ème.

Myla at Printemps I adore lingerie, and this brand stocks some delicious little (no-)things.. Cool down your man by sipping some tea at the Hédiard Café, after..
64, Boulevard Haussmann, 8ème.

President Wilson Open Air Food market Every Saturday, I have this ritual to get up as early as 11am and head straight for the Food market on Avenue du President Wilson. Here I buy all my groceries for the week, and the choice is tempting, depending on the season, but always a delight. I get an amazingly crunchy bread, huge artichokes and wild mushrooms in autumn, asparagus in spring, fresh herbs always, home-made pasta, olives, the sweetest of fruit, and I never leave without a beautiful bouquet of heavenly scented pink roses...
Avenue du President Wilson, from Place d'Alma to Place d'Iena, 16ème. Saturdays from 8am- 2pm

Rick Owens Cool jackets for hot girls.. my all time favourite. Watch out for the designers weird but wonderful furniture line, too!
7, Bis Place du Palais Bourbon, 7ème.

Tom Ford This boutique is an address for the well dressed gentleman friend. But I had to add it to this list anyway, as I buy my divine scents here, and the staff is just so nice and helpful..
48, Rue Francois 1èr, 8ème.

Kusmi Tea My most favourite tea brand ever. I bought a huuuuuge, 1.5 kilo tin of my beloved Thé Vert à la Rose the last time I went...
71, Avenue des Champs Élysées, 8ème.

...but where I buy my gorgeous chandelier earrings remains a secret I share only with a few...

La Galerie des Gobelins So by now, if you followed all my shopping tips, you should be in need of a little break, and the Galerie des Gobelins at the Plaza Athenée hotel on Avenue Montaigne is the most relaxing refuge amidst all the bustle of this super busy shopping street. (Never mind the harp. I've tried everything, but it's been there for ever and it just wont go) So, unwind- and if you re just a little bit like mi-me, unpack all your purchases and embarrass your friends by inspecting your new heels, bag and lingerie on the chic little sofa you re seated on, knocking over your teapot in the process..
Must order: The Strawberry and Pistachio cream cake, when it is in season... Mon amour!
25, Avenue Montaigne, 8ème.

Ladurée Bonaparte My love affair with Ladurée has been a long one, and although I might crave a bit of a younger alternative from time to time, I keep coming back for more and more and more. From all the Ladurées in Paris, this one in St. Germain probably is my favourite. I love the colonial style, the frescoes and the  fact that it is tiny and that it is less over-run.. Plus it has the cutes boutique in the hallway!
21, Rue Bonaparte, 7ème.

Carette This adorably old fashioned patisserie on Trocadero funnily is THE place to see and be seen on a beautiful day, and 50% of the people you met in Raspoutine the night before, you will see here enjoying a hangover brunch on Sunday afternoon. Grab your best designer shades, a cute french garcon and feast on the best chocolate milkshakes, yummy crepes with berries and the tiniest little canapé's that can be found in the 16ème.
4, Place du Trocadero, 16ème.

Le Relais de l'Entrecote Let's start with everybody's favourite, the COMFORT FOOD. Although this is not a place I would dream of for a romantic Saturday night dinner date, I wouldn't mind coming here every other night of the week. This is how much I love this place. Its super simple, you cant book a table and you cant order anything else but Entrecote. It's all they have. And it's all you need. The fries are golden and crunchy, the sauce is green and mysterious.. Portions are enormous. Yet, I always clean my plate and  still have room for desert.. The Vacherine Chocolat with its layers and layers of meringue, crème chantilly, vanilla- and hazelnut ice cream and topped with hot chocolate sauce sends me to cloud no. 9
No kidding.
15, Rue Marbeuf, 8ème.

L'Atelier de Joel Roubuchon in St Germain plays in a totally different kind of league. Portions are miniscule. Prices are exorbitant. But so is the quality, the presentation, the selection, the wine list. Its incredibly sophisticated french cuisine at its very best.
Meet up with your generous gentleman friend here who came all the way from London for a lavish lunch. Feast on Lobster Carpaccio and get intoxicated by a white Cotes du Rhone. Life could not be  more perfect.
PS: This place is perfect for lunch. Its location in the heart of St. Germain is ideal before, after, or in between a shopping spree. But I wouldn't recommend it for a romantic dinner, as the seating is- like in a bar- side by side around the open kitchen.
5, Rue de Montalembert, 7ème. 

Orient Extreme In the beginning I thought, Thank GOD Orient Extreme is just like Nobu. Amazing Sashimi, Rock Shrimp Tempura, Kobe Steak, Black Cod, Green Tea Ice Cream. And always super crowded. Now I think it's actually better... Go, see for yourself!
21, Rue Bayard, 8ème.

Market is a classic in the 8th district, and despite its cool modern interiors, has been there since years.
Amazingly enough- this is NOT A COSTES RESTAURANT- which is already a rarity in Paris, and the food is really good. I can recommend a very unusual Milanese, topped with lots of salad and cranberries. So yumm. Desserts are great, too. And they have a small terrace outside which is nice for lunch and brunch in summer. AND it is just around the corner from St. Honoré. Bliss.
15, Avenue Matignon, 8ème.

Caviar Kaspia As hedonistic as this place might sound, it actually dishes out quite some wonderful comfort food. Located on the first floor above the Caviar Kaspia Boutique on Place de la Madeleine is this granny's-living-room-kinda-cozy little restaurant. The atmosphere is calm, the focus is clearly on the amazing salmon, caviar and vodka selection. Mimi loves: The deadly delicious Norwegian Salmon-Blini-'Tower' with melted butter and creme fraiche. Not even the Russians do it better...
17, Place de la Madeleine, 8ème.

l'As du Fallafel My life basically takes place in the 7ème, 8ème and 16ème. So if I do go to the Marais, It is kind of an excursion for me- I stay the whole day and I always try to make it something special. Starting with how to get there: From where I live, the 3ème and 4ème is a bit far-ish so if the sun is out- and I only recommend going to the Marais on sunny Sundays- I walk down to the Seine and take the Batobus from the Batobus-stop Champs Elysées. The Batobus is a great way to get to the Marais. It is a "sightseeing boat bus", that stops at all the famous sights along the river Seine. It's a tiny bit touristy too, but it takes mi-me exactly where I want to go: From the Champs Elysées to Notre Dame. Oh, and all the way around to the Eiffel Tower and back. But I usually go to the Marais on Sundays, so I have plenty of time and I enjoy the ride...
So now, L'As du Fallafel. A Jewish friend of mine once took me there, and I have gone back ever since. If you like Shawarma, Fallafel, Hummus, Smoked Aubergine and other Israeli delights that are as good as in Tel Aviv, that's the place to go. I love it, and apparently, Lenny Kravitz did, too. After all, what Jew see is what Jew get.
34, Rue des Rosiers, 4ème.  And my ride: Batobus

Hotel Mathi's Bar: This place is always super crowded, Wednesday trough Saturday. And it has become one of my favourite hangouts. Great cocktail- and even better guest list: I got introduced to the director of The Artist, Thomas Langmann here one night. Unfortunately without Uggie..
3, Rue de Ponthieu, 8ème. 10pm onwards

La Palette Is one of those memory ridden, Parisian institutions, situated on the left bank. It's been there forever, and 90% of the clientèle has been there forever, too. Which is kind of weird, because all you get is Rosé and some cold ham and chese sandwiches. Dont get me wrong, I really like this place. It's special albeit being nothing special at all. It has a nice terrasse full of flowerpots and parisians. Meeting your potes there for a glass of iced rosé on a warm, sunny afternoon is a classic.  Santé!
12, Rue de Buci, 6ème.

Chez Raspoutine I'm not as much the party animal as I used to be, but if I do go clubbing, this plush, Russian ex-cabaret is the place to be! I just love the music, it's an eclectic mix of disco classics and electro, with the occasional star DJ performing, and the most stunning crowd in Paris. Smile at Amar and come with a member..  And don't you dare leave before 4am!
58, Rue de Bassano, 8ème. Best night: Thursday

Crazy Horse Sit back, sip champagne and let others do the dancing.. (your boyfriend will love you for this! just go get some goodies at Myla before, and get some seats in the diamond section.. )
12, Avenue George V, 8ème.

Hotel Mathi's This hotel is cute, cozy in a plush boudoir style, very well located between Avenue Montaigne, Rue St. Honoré and the Champs Élysées which makes it ideal for shoppers, and it isn't too expensive, leaving you more money to spend just down the road... Plus, it houses the cool Mathi's bar, that turns into a hot spot in the evenings, Wednesday night through Saturday. And the restaurant is good, too.
3, Rue de Ponthieu, 8ème.

Hotel Costes This is my all time favourite. You won't ever forget the first time you stay here.. Pack your lover, your most seductive scent  and some nice lingerie, that will do this overly sexy hotel justice..
239, Rue Saint- Honoré, 1ère. 

The Saint James: I am a total sucker for interiors, so I love this place. Bambi Sloane decorated this crazy little hotel particulier, discreetly located in a residential area of Paris. Its stunning, inspiring, breathtaking. Unfortunately also quite breathtaking to get there, as it's a tiny bit far off...
43, Avenue Bugeaud, 16ème.

Plaza Athénée Such a pretty, posh, perfectly located classic. My actual living room. Enough said.
25, Avenue Montaigne, 8ème.

Maison Stella Cadente: Mimi in wonderland... This little fairy tale universe is just so stunning! Located in the village of Provins, a tiny medieval UNESCO world heritage site about 1h from Paris, this little villa with only 5 bedrooms and a beautiful garden full of flowers makes for an amazing weekend escape. Every room has carefully been designed by Mme Cadente herself, after a special fairy tale: Alice in Wonderland, The Queen of Snow, Donkeyskin, to name a few.
This is such a creative, funky, elegant petit chateau, an explosion of colours and style... and hospitality! The wonderful Mr Daniel will go out of his way to make your stay the best it could possibly be.
Definitely my most beloved home away from home.. But watch out! This totally romantic place might just make you fall in love..
 PS: If all this wasn't enough: Provins is famous for its roses, and Mimi is famous for being a total rose-addict. So I basically was in heaven when I discovered that rose lemonade, rose syrup, rose ice cream, rose tea and rose cake were nothing unusual on the menus of the local cafés. But the best one is  Mammy Gateaux on 16, Place du Chatel!  La vie en rose!!!
28, Rue Maximilien Michelin, Provins.

La Biosthetique is my favourite coiffeur in Paris, and apart from amazing cuts and colours they also do manis, pedis, eye brow shaping etc. Plus they trim whiskers, too.. ;)
And Annika always has the most amazing stories and advice!
35, Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, 8ème.

Lolita is wonderful. She's been my beautician since over two years, and I couldn't look any better. An expert when it comes to Acupuncture, Massages, Body Scrubs and Anti-Aging, be sure she will make you look your best.


Walk your dog, go running/ kissing/ tanning or simply just feed the ducks, at...

The Tuileries and get an Ice cream at Amorino!!! Must!!!

Parc Monceau This beautiful Park in the hearth of the 8th is my favourite. In the summer the grass is filled with Parisians, flirting, smoking, eating a pick nick, drinking rosé... I love it! And for kids they have Pony riding every Sunday...


Gabriella at Doggies and Compagnie is the best and most reliable...


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    1. Thanks you! I'm happy you find these adresses usefull..
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