The following salad takes 5 minutes preparation time max, and is so pawlickingly delicious, EVERYONE JUST LOVES IT.
It is earthy yet fresh, and has a wonderful Asian note to it. It is super healthy. It is Vegan.
You should definitely give it a try..

Miss Mimi's Beetroot, Avocado and Chickpea Salad
Whatcha need

1 big Bowl
1 sharp Knife
1 Cutting Board
1 big Spoon

2 large, pre-boiled and pre-peeled Beetroots, cut into thick slices
1 tin of Chickpeas
1 small, red Onion, finely chopped
2 green Limes, juiced
1 ripe Avocado, the brown, Mexican ones are the best
Sesame Oil- don't (out of laziness) replace with anything else, as Sesame Oil gives a very special amazing flavour
Salt and dried red Chilly powder to taste
lots of fresh, green Coriander

Whatcha do

Slice the Beetroots and put them in the bowl. Add the Sesame Oil, and stir. Then add the Lime juice, the Chilly powder and the Onion. Pour the Chickpeas into a strainer and wash. Then add them to the bowl, and lightly stir again.
Now, place the salad on plates, slice open the Avocado, and with a spoon carve its flesh out of the shell and onto each plate. Sprinkle with lots of fresh Coriander.

READY!!! And I bet this didn't take more than 5 minutes to do...

This is Miss Mimi's Recipe for her famous

Whatcha need:

1 big Cake Pan, preferably SILICONE ;)
1 Egg Beater (or how ever this hand held mixer thing is called)
1 small Pot
2 big Bowls, Pink if possible
1 big plastic Spoon
Kitchen scales
1 Oven 

150 gr Butter
250 gr Sugar
4 Eggs separated, the Egg whites beaten
500 gr Chocolate, whichever you like (Praliné, Milk, Dark etc..)
300 gr ground Hazelnuts
1 small cup of Flour
1 small packet of Baking Powder
a little bit of full fat Cream

Mixed fresh Berries, Icing Sugar, Chocolate shavings and Whipped Cream for decoration..

Whatcha do:
Preheat the oven to 150° C. Mix the butter, the egg yolk and the sugar with your egg beater in one of the pink bowls, till they blend. Put the little pot on the stove, turn the heat up to medium, break the chocolate into pieces and slowly melt, while stirring frequently. Add a little bit of water, to avoid it burning.
Let the melted chocolate cool off a bit, then add it to the butter-sugar-egg yolk-mixture. Stir in the ground nuts, the baking powder and the flour, till it blends into a nice yummy dough. In case it gets to hard, pour in some of the cream. Set aside.
In the second pink bowl beat the egg whites till they are stiff. Now take the chocolate mixture, and with a big plastic spoon gently fold in the beaten egg whites, till the dough is nice and fluffy, and well blended. Pour the dough into a silicone cake pan (they have the advantage that you don't have to treat the pan with butter, in order that the cake doesn't stick. If you are using a traditional cake pan, smear it with butter, first), and place it in your oven, on the medium level.

Bake it at 150° C for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, depending on how 'rare' you like it. Start checking your cake with a little wooden stick after about 1 hour.

If your lovely cake- in spite these amazing instructions- might turn a shade or two too dark, and an alarming burnt smell fills the kitchen, cover the cake with aluminium foil and turn down the heat a little. That should save it.

Once its done, take it out of the oven-   
CAREFULLY!!! DON'T BURN YOUR PAWS!!! - let it cool off a little bit, and then flip it out of the cake pan by turning it upside down onto a large platter.

Decorate with berries, whipped cream, icing sugar, chocolate shavings and  


Happy Halloween, Witches.

Fall and Fall and Fall again, the Pumpkin patches seem to explode. Where do ALL THESE PUMPKINS actually grow?!?
Given the AMOUNT OF ORANGE COLOURED VEGETABLE I am confronted with each Autumn, I am beginning to think they must be visible from SPACE. Or at least from a WITCHES PERSPECTIVE. (Note to self: get broom and check).  

So, I kinda have to deal with them. And since ORANGE is not exactly my favourite colour (excluding all leathergoods from Hermès, if paired with PINK), displaying and decorating is not an option,
My last resort is to:


Therefor we proudly announce, that thanks to the never ending industry of little Miss Mimi, at least 5 LARGE PUMPKINS disappear each season. Trust me, Witch.

And this is how we do it:
Wash 'em, chop 'em, boil 'em. Eat 'em. (Love 'em, actually.)

To be precise:
Whatcha need:

1 Big Cauldron (Chase CAT out, first. Or maybe not.)
1 Sharp Knife (borrow from Jack the R.)
1 Cutting Board (Cat-shaped)
1 Cooking Spoon (A Lady NEVER stirs with the end of her broom. Not classy)

1/4 of a large Pumpkin, peeled, seeded and chopped into chunks of about 3 x 3cm
400ml tin of Coconut Milk or Cream
250ml Chicken or Vegetable Stock (or what ever good stock you have handy e.g. cat, raven, skeleton etc, or just simply a STOCK CUBE, dissolved and MAGICALLY made INVISIBLE)
1 table spoon Sugar
1 table spoon Soy Sauce
1 large Onion, chopped
3 cloves Garlic (skip if you invited DAMON)
Olive Oil
Salt to taste
1 table spoon ground Cumin
1 table spoon ground Coriander
2 large table spoons Thai Red Curry Paste, or more, depending on HOW HOT YOU LIKE IT
800gr chickpeas from tins, washed and drained
fresh Coriander, LOTS.

Whatcha do:

Heat the olive oil in the cauldron, then add the onion and garlic and fry. Just before it begins to get brown, turn down the heat to medium, spoon in the curry paste,  add the cumin and ground coriander and stir for about a minute. Turn up the heat again, add the sugar and the pumpkin and keep stirring for a few minutes (you might want to employ a friend for that). Then pour in the stock, the soy sauce and the coconut milk. Stir to mix and bring to a gentle boil. Now, turn down the heat, put the lid partly on and let it simmer for about 25 minutes. keep checking the pumpkin towards the end: you want it tender, but NOT falling apart. Then add the washed and drained chick peas, and give it another 5 minutes or so.

Serve this yummy curry with rice and sprinkled with lots of fresh coriander.

Devilish. Delicious. And just right.

Even better: It is actually VEGAN, depending on the stock you use ;)

I am quite the domestic godess. And as the current trend in Mimi's World is everything  INDIAN , I thought it is time I share my yummiest, Indian- inspired- top- secret- all- created- by- mi-me recipes with YOU...

I have this really delicious Chai I make, which becomes super popular in winter with all Mimi's girlfriends. I use freshly imported water from the river Ganges. Just kidding.

This is how we do it..


Whatcha need:

1 big cooking pot
1 teapot
1 strainer

1 cup of organic full fat milk
1 l water (or enough to fill your teapot. Replace with Vodka if you're a beautiful Russian.)
2 table spoons  black rose tea
4cm of cinnamon bark (or 1/4 tea spoon ground cinnamon, but the bark is better)
4 little cardamoms
4 cloves
1/4 Vanilla bean
a slice of ginger, to taste
2 table spoons best quality honey

Whatcha do:

Heat the water in the cooking pot. Once it boils, add all the spices. Turn down the heat and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. Remove from the stove, add the tea, the milk and stir in the honey.
Let it infuse for 5 more minutes, then pour your lovely Chai trough the strainer into your teapot and serve immediately. Oh, and please don't call it CHAI TEA. Chai MEANS tea. Its like saying Spaghetti-Noodles. Or Greyhound-Dog.
This brew from Starbucks can go hide in the garbage..

Now, get in the kitchen and get your sexy apron on, because my...

makes 2 Quesadillas, plenty for two girls (but NO Mimi! Awww...)

are simply divine!!! Its kind of a pimped mexican Cheese Naan.. :)

Whatcha need:

1 cutting board, preferably heart shaped
1 sharp knife, but not SO sharp you could cut your clumsy paws
1 pink bowl for the Guacamole
1 oven, super hot

everything preferably organic, as always..
For the Guacamole:
2 ripe best quality Avocados (Mexicans do them better)
1/2 bunch fresh Coriander, roughly chopped
1/2 small red Onion, chopped
a pinch of dried red chili
1 green Lime, juiced
some virgin Olive oil
Sea Salt to taste

For the Quesadillas:
2 ready made flat corn Tortillas
2 Chicken fillets
1 Greek Yogurt
1 table spoon dry, red Tandoori spice mix (I buy mine in the dodgy Indian quarters of Paris, but good supermarkets have an OK selection, too)
some nice Cheese that melts easily, grated
2 paws full of fresh mixed leave baby Salad
1 bunch fresh Coriander
1 small red Onion, sliced
2 green limes
sour cream
Sea Salt to taste

Whatcha do: 

Heat your oven to about 250° C. Mix the yogurt and the spices, and marinate the chicken in the mixture. Once the oven is hot (should take about 10 min), put the chicken on the grill and push it in on the top level.

Now, make your Guacamole, by mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl. Set aside.

Prepare your Tortillas, by sprinkling one half of them with the cheese, so that half of the Tortilla is cheesy, and the other half is plain.

Once the chicken is fully cooked and it starts to turn black and crunchy on the edges, take it out CAREFULLY (beware! many a paw has been burnt in the process! Use a kitchen glove!) and set aside to cool. Turn down the heat of the oven to about 100°, and put in the Tortillas, so the cheese melts (you can also do this in a microwave).

Slice the chicken, and once the cheese on the Tortillas has melted, place it on the bare halves of each Tortilla. Top with the sliced Onion, one paw of salad each, sprinkle with Coriander, drizzle with lime juice, ads Sea Salt to taste, and flip them closed.

Serve with the Guacamole, some sour cream, and maybe some good Tortilla Chips on the side, if you like...

Soooo yummy, you will love this!!!

As summer is coming to an end, my favourite farmers market explodes with an abundance of wonderful fruit and vegetables. Never are they as good as at this time of the year. So last Saturday I took my little basket, and bought all the ingredients for my favourite autumn soup: Mimistrone. Its similar to a traditional Minestrone, but with an 'edge' (speaking in cool, edgy terms).

So voilà, this is it! I suggest you try it out, Pronto! :)

Serves: 4 glam girls + 1 Mimi  (or 8 Mimis, you decide)

Whatcha need:

1 big pot, preferably pink or purple
1 cutting board, preferably heart shaped
1 sharp knife, but not SO sharp you could cut your clumsy paws
1 Parmesan Grater (watch out, don't grate your paws!)
1 wooden spoon

everything preferably organic

1 long Leek, roughly chopped
2 large red Onions, peeled and chopped as well
3 Carrots, cut in chunks
1 Fennel, sliced
4 cloves Garlic, peeled and roughly cut
1 Courgette, sliced
1 big Tomato, preferably yellow, cut
1/2 Cauliflower, purple if they have, white if they haven't (never replace with Broccoli!)
1 bunch of flat leaf Parsley, roughly chopped
1 bunch of the freshest Basil you can find (never- out of LAZINESS- replace with dried)
1 tea spoon dried Oregano
1 Bay leaf
10 (more or less) Peppercorns
1 pinch of dried red Chili, if you like it HOT(er)
good quality VIRGIN Olive oil, as much as you need
Sea Salt to taste
1 table spoon brown sugar
some Parmesan cheese, grated
some smokey Bacon, fried till supercrunchy
1/2 pack good quality Fussili, boiled separately according to instructions

Whatcha do:

Heat the oil in the pot, then add the leek, onion, garlic, fennel and carrots. Fry for about 10 minutes, till soft, turn down the heat if they start to burn, I mean: before
Add the sugar and stir the veggies, till they caramelize. Then throw in the courgette and the cauliflower. Turn down the heat, add the tomato and fill the pot with water. Now add the dried stuff: bay leaf, oregano, pepper corns, chili.
Cover the pot with a lid and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. 

If you're a cheater, slip in a little organic soup cube. 

Now, get busy chopping your basil and the parsley. Once that's done, fry the bacon and grate the cheese, or get your guests to do it.
When all the vegetables are soft and a heavenly scent is filling the kitchen, your Mimistrone is ready. Add the pasta and some salt, fill it into nice pink soup bowls, generously sprinkle with cheese, then with bacon and finally with the fresh herbs, and serve immediately.


PS: If you're a GUY: Just triple the cheese and bacon and look EXCITED..


  1. Hi! This is "Anonymous"!! :) ...we met at the Pershing Hall about 10 days ago (at that modelling agency's event). I've been checking your blog as promised and I LOVE it! It is so unique and chic! I like lovely Miss Mimi and her style!
    Keep it up!
    A bientot a Paris j'espere! Bises

    1. Hey Mahasti,
      yes of course I remember, It was so nice meeting you that night.. So happy you like the blog! :)
      Are you back in the US now? Hope to see you soon..
      Xx Miss Mimi ;)

  2. very nice,
    love kaii