And since you're here, I'll tell you a little bit about me.

I'm a twenty-something girl and I love all things pink, vintage, retro and chocolate-coated. 
Although I am currently Parisian, I have lived all over the world, in London, Berlin, Bombay- to name just a few. I love traveling, and still hop back and forth between those places, and many many others.
After obtaining my BA in Art & Design from Sciences Po in Paris, I tried my luck at a career in Contemporary Arts (exclusively to please the Daddy). But after 2 dreadfully prestigious, slave-like internships, I finally admitted that this is so not for me, sat down and cried. I guess I just don't belong in a world of 30 min lunch breaks, kitten heels and power suits.

I tried my luck at modelling, too. I even made it to the covers of  ELLE and L'Officiel, which is quite an achievement for a 5'2" girl. But since I'm so short, it just wasn't for me in the end, non plus.

So while recovering from my last 9 to 5 internship at Sotheby's, I flipped in the most opposite direction possible, and set up the pinkest, girliest blog I could imagine. Voila,
And you know what? I love it. I am the happiest person since then.
I skip through life on 15cm pink heels, with my puppy by my side and my camera in my hand. I observe and document everything that strikes me as special, inspiring, wonderful, fabulous, yummy, groovy. I love sharing my little treasures, ideas and creations with those that will understand and cherish them, just as much as I do. And I love giving good advice. In fact, the best. ;)

So now, you have found your way to my little diary.

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