Sunday, April 21, 2013


I know I've been a bad girl. I haven't posted anything in AGES. Fact is, I've been super busy travelling all around Europe, and working on my second project, something I'm really excited about. It's still confidential, but I hope I can reveal it to you in a couple of days!!!
And then, it's super sunny and nice in Paris, finally.
And the Plaza Athenée Hotel had it's 100th Bday Bash last night, which was quite amazing, too.
I also shopped a little bit. I had the need for colour. 
Can you spot the 'new one'???

So today I dressed up, and spent an amazing afternoon at Parc Monceau, with the dawwwwg, the girls, the guys and the cat hat. Quite clearly, the cat is back. Or the cat never left, more likely.

This is what I wore:

Spring is finally shaping up now. What do you think?


  1. Nice outfit, the skirt is a bit Madman-ish and I like the D&G cardigan(it's bold).
    You have quite a few bags, can you tell me which Chanel bag is your favorite and in what color? I want to buy a new Chanel but I can't choose, since I think you have a good taste I like your advice on this one. btw: I already have the Chanel shopper tote. Thanks

    1. Hey Thanks, happy you like it! But my skirt is madman or madam? :))

      About the bag: my absolute favourite of the Chanels I own is the Classic Chanel bag in Jumbo. The leather is black vernis (you can see it in the top left corner on the first pic). It is already 3 years old and still looks like new, and I wear it ALL THE TIME.

      Since you already have the shopper, I think you should opt for the classic flap bag shape.

      The colour depends on your style, and its purpose. Would the bag be an every day bag? Then maybe a large size (maxi or jumbo) in black, navy or cream. Depending on your wardrobe, and the colours you wear.
      If, on the other hand you would keep the bag for evening/ special occasion, I would go for a colour, and a smaller size, maybe medium. I am a very colourfull person, so I love the special edition Chanel bags. But you may be different. As you have correctly spotted, I've got a hot pink tweed one, a light pink lambskin, and the green satin bag. But I also have 4 black ones and a cream coloured one. Always the classic shape.

      With chanel, the material plays a major role, too. For a fact I can tell you: Unless you are the super carefull person, always wear gloves and live in a place where it never rains, and it is never ever dirty anywhere, dont buy lamb skin. It is beautiful, but It will stay that way maybe for a month. Plus the colour fades.

      The most dureable material is definitely the vernis leather. You can literally wash it, and it looks like new. Also a good option for every day bags is the grainy looking Caviar leather. Satin is nice for colours and the brilliant sheen it has.

      So when you have the colour sorted, you should consider the chain. Gold? Silver? Rough? Shiny?
      This depends on your jewellery preferences. If you generally wear a golden watch, I would go for gold.

      The shiny chains have a more classic look to them. The rough ones are more 'fashion'.

      So... Since you dont already own a classic, this is what I would buy. They are the best value for money I think.
      The other styles and 'limited edition' pieces date rather quickly and are very much flavour of the month.

      Only exception: The Boy bag. It is so stylish and rock, and in my oppinion is the coolest chanel bag around. It is definitely on my wishlist, and a new classic in the making..

      Hope this helps,
      Xxx Miss Mimi

      (Wow, This comment got really long. Maybe I will write a chanel post soon..!)

  2. Thank you so much for your advice, I think its going to be the classic flap bag in beige or light pink in caviar leather for me.... I'm not a limited edition type either. The Boy bag is nice too but I think I will get that one after I got the classic flap. I always do research on the internet before buying an expensive bag. The blogs are very helpful :) Madman is a show on tv about advertising in the 50's.
    Thank you so much and yes it's a good idea to do a blogpost about this subject... girls love bags.