Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Berin Rocks. Berlin, Part 2

Welcome to my Berlin Trip, Part 2. (Read Part 1 here)
Yesterday I was lucky with the weather, so my friend Maria and me went all around the city on a treasure hunt. Berlin is such a vibrant city, that embraces the past and present alike. There is just so much to see, I get totally pulled in.
Remember this pink retro camera that has been all around my blog ever since I first saw it on the Internet? Well, apparently retro cameras are a huge hype in the German capital, and I managed to track one down. There it is. Ain't she a beauty?! My very own pink Lomo.
I love it just so much. It's the perfect geeky/glam accessory. But she is an equally useful camera. I've been fiddling around with 120mm films all day. Can't wait to see how my first Lomo pics turned out. I'll pick them up this afternoon.
BTW: The best waffles, ice cream, crepes in Berlin you can get at a tiny cafe called 'Glücklich am Park', which translates to 'Happy by the Park' in the Kastanienallee 54 in Mitte.

And in case you had no clue about the German national animal: It's the Sausage Dog. Looks like a sausage, eats only sausages. Lives in packs.
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 So, up on Thursday: Part 3 of the Berlin Trip. With hopefully the real Lomo pictures, real creature comfort food and some other vintage treasures that I found. Don't miss it! Untill then..
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