Monday, March 25, 2013

London calling!

Yep, I'm gone for the week. In case you get bored while I'm away (I'll be back on Friday and I'm taking my camera and my TO DO List, so be ready for quite the post when I get back),
I suggest you:

- make a proper Teatime, with Kusmi Rose Tea and Miss Mimi's self invented Praliné Cake

- watch Pride & Prejudice, again (Or The Tudors, if that's too tame...)

- get the UK Harper's Bazaar, and do some reading (I think this is the best magazine in the WORLD)

- get the softest skin ever with a Rose & Almond milk Bubble Bath. Just pour half a pack of unsweetened almond milk into a tub of hot water, sprinkle with rose petals. Indulge!
- treat yourself to a spring makeover, and maybe get some pink Highlights in your Hair.. ;)

- Look for a pretty, white Birdcage, to decorate your home with (I just bought one, soooo pretty! Will post pics when I'm back!!!)

- think about a skill you could learn for the fresh new season! For example, I just signed in for a Photography course! 

- update your spring wardrobe with Miss Mimi's cute and sexy Wishlist 

- and stay fashionably fabulous!!!

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