Monday, March 11, 2013

My Retro Colour Crush

If you've read my article about how I had the love for Electric Blue, and 2 weeks later the follow up about how much I hate Electric Blue, you can easily tell that it is a love- hate- disappointment relationship. Like that new guy you always thought was soooo hot, and then he took you on a date and and it all fell to pieces, because he kissed like a frog (without the magical transformation), and he ate like one, too. He was good from far, but far from good.

And then you realize, there is a colour called Turquoise out there. Or Teal. Or
which is a different name for the same thing. Just sounds more posh and faaaaashion, than mere ol' Teal. (The equivalent of Prince Charming, to stay with the fairytale  metaphor). 
Aqua I have liked forever, since it was my mom's favourite colour. But for the sake of being her favourite, I thought it was 'for moms'.
So I overdosed on PINK ever since then. Until two days ago.
I wandered around Paris, and I came across:

I think this was a sign. You know me.  
I see signs everywhere.

You see, I really do love Aqua: it has a beautiful retro feel to it, but keeps it so very fresh. And is perfect for spring.

Just down Avenue Montaigne at Montaigne Market, I found another sign (of aqua):

It so reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer's character Léa in the hilarious costume drama 

that I just had to get it. The quality is beautiful silk chiffon, the drape is amazing, and I feel like an elegant mermaid, when I wear it. 
If you haven't seen Cheri already, watch ASAP. Quite inspirational, on every level. Mark my words. ;)

But Miss Mimi wouldn't be Miss Mimi if I wouldn't mix all my stuff at least 
The result is so fresh, quirky and stunning, I think. And when I passed the real food and flower market, just two steps from all the Turquoise Treasures I got myself, I picked up these pretty Poppies. In Pink, again.
There will always be room for Pink!


  1. Wow you are a star :)

    1. Awww thanks! Yes, that's an interview I did for the french TV.. :)

  2. Ok ! You should share the video, it's so cool because i love this fashion tv show.

  3. Blue or green eyed will look wonderful in that color dress....

    1. Yes, that's true! But I think in general, aqua is a very flattering shade, and looks great on both, darker and lighter girls. especially with pink lip stick and nail polish.. Can't wait till it's warmer and I can wear it! :)