Friday, March 29, 2013

I Speak Pink. London, Part 1

I speak pink. I breathe pink. I live in a pink apartment. I dream in pink. I eat pink things and drink pink drinks. Nothing I own is practical. But everything I have is special. My pink shoes are meant for dancing on tables, exclusively. My tiny pink bag holds a single pink lipstick. Maybe two. I write my pink diary with a real ostrich feather. My Laptop looks like this. My tiny fascinator hats have cat ears. Pink is in my DNA. Pink things seem to follow me (Even to LONDON).
And honestly, I can only recommend you a cat hat. It's even more effective than heart shaped glasses. I get such warm smiles wherever I go. Free coffee at Starbucks, free taxi rides, free flowers, free chocolate chip cookies.  Tons of compliments. Not one harsh word. Everyone wants to be my friend. A fan club of old ladies follows me to the powder room at Claridge's. And Prince Charmings magically appear. Miracles happen. It is my Vie en Rose Cap.

I was stuck in traditional London fog for the week. I could have cried. But instead, I put on my magic cap and something warm and furry, and it all went away.

I got into a taxi and went about my business.

Charlotte Olympia is amazing. Her shoes are out of this world. And so special, you will see them only on the truly stylish. Which is: Not very often. My downfall is, that I love them all. But In the end, I pick the Paris ones. They are just too ME. Even more, than the others..

And together with my Maison Michel cat hat, they are Thelma and Louise. Made for each other. Speaking of the cat hat, you wouldn't think that a couple of square inches of black felt and some pearls would sum up to this magical fun formula. But they do.
Why? I guess it targets peoples memories of childhood. Funfairs, Disneyland, Minnie Mouse. That sort of thing. Guys are reminded of Playboy Bunnies. Which helps, too. At the sight of me, most turn 'round to their girlfriends and tell them to Go, buy some ears!!!
(Btw: Ears need not be expensive. Look at my Topshop find!)
But if truth be told, I would not have worn MY CAT HAT in London if I hadn't already tested it in Paris. And the ultimate crucible for any new look is the construction site on Avenue Montaigne. Those guys are real blokes: They know nothing 'bout style and fashion. They're not obliged to be nice to you, to not hurt your feelings. And if a new trend you wear is bonkers, walk past any construction site and you WILL FEEL IT. On the other hand, Lookin' cute?

By the way, it's all on the Wishlist. To shop the post, click here.

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