Sunday, March 03, 2013

Hats off. To Hats.

(And Mr. Hefner knows: No Bunny, Not funny.)

I have this passionate love affair with hats. Hats with ears, especially. 
Minnie hats, Bunny hats, Kitty hats, Teddy hats.
They are just on the cute side of kinky. Perfectly sexy, innocent, girly, totally adorable.
No one will ever be mean to you if you have bunny ears on. If I wear my kitty cat ears to a club, champagne glasses and smiling guys pop out where ever I look. Everyone likes me.

Because wearing a certain kind of head piece is ten times sexier than cleavage and micro mini combined. 

Double D Cleavage+ Mini=  Trying too hard. 
15cm Louboutins + Minnie= Special. In the good way.
Wearing a hat is a state of mind.
The guys that think a hat is sexy are the ones that fall for your personality, not for your Double-D silicons.

Wearing a hat is a message to the world:  
Keep staring, Darling. Keep staring.
And I love it.

I love wearing a hat. It is like carrying your own spot light, pointing at YOU.
Meow, meow.

I mean, look at this girl I saw today:
Nice outfit, really cool in fact. What makes it perfection: THE HEAD PIECE.

So, to spy on the new hat trends out there I put on my Maison Michel kitty cat ears, and dragged my camera to 'Premier Classe', the amazing custom jewellery and accessories fair, held 3 days during fashion week.

And it is great. Even better than I had imagined it to be.

The very best of upcoming talent and tiny, traditional manufacturers.

Seriously: Look at THIS. Have you EVER SEEN a Marabou- Irokese headgear made with Swarovskis!??! I haven't. But I have to get one, ASAP.

Next, Marie Mercié, a tiny, traditional Parisian atelier for hats and the likes. And it is...
Its so mi-me, I don't even have words. It's black felt and Swarovski. I think someone will be making a trip to the 23 Rue St. Sulpice very soon. Which is where they have their showroom.

So now, if you have not had a hat experience to date, I can only suggest you try it out pronto. There is a hat for every one. Fascinators, panamas, ears (like mine), top hats, flower things etc.
Because once you find 'the one' for you, its like an ongoing love affair with your best friend.
What could be better.

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