Thursday, March 21, 2013

A cool new Look.

Miss Mimi's World just turned 6 months. Yeah, CONGRATS. 
Which is WHY, I have decided to treat myself to a makeover.

I now have:

- a cool, new Logo
- a cool, new Layout
- a cool, new Maison Michel Yoko hat
- a cool, new Online Store, called 'Wishlist'

- a cool, new page called 'My Look', where I frequently update on what I wore.

This page links to my e-store, so in case I've got something you have to have too, feel free to snatch it.
Since I shop all over the world and not only online, I sometimes can't find the exact same item, or it may be sold out. Yet I always make sure to find the best match possible. Promise!

The Wishlist is great too, because it features the things I am currently crazy about, as well as stuff I already bought. Some of the items are new, some are vintage, all are 100% must haves, paw-picked by Miss Mimi. Check ASAP!

Yet, with so much new stuff, some old things had to go, but all your favourite features are still here, and improved, that is.
Mimi's Paris, Mimi's iPod, the Recipes, the Pics, etc.

Plus there will be many more to come! And it is now easier to suscribe to Miss Mimi's World, too. Just enter your email address in the little window on the left.
Be excited.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I understand it takes some time and effort to maintain the new concept. I'm gonna be in Paris and Cote d'azur this spring/summer so I keep an eye on your blog. Your Paris guide is so helpful, I made a copy. Thanks

    1. Thank you! I'm happy if the Paris Guide is usefull to you. Keep checking in, I will update it soon! :)
      Xx Miss Mimi