Monday, February 04, 2013

The Spring Spree

Today I went on a Shopping Spree. A Spring Spree, to be precise. Out with the old, in with the new. So I took lil Miss Mimi, my Friend Maria and a cam, and we went for a beautiful stroll along the Seine. Stopping at all my favourite stores.

Number one on the list: my amazing little florist.
Bought some flowers.

Next, we discovered a new patisserie along the way:

...that is entirely dedicated to...

So, on we went, through the Tuilleries, and finally reached Printemps.
I think their selection of everything is amazing, and I even found a super stunning necklace by Philippine- born designer Bea Valdez, made of semi- precious (fully precious, if you read the price tag) Labradorite stones. Had to get that one.
I think I don't own a more mysterious, stunning, intriguing necklace. Including the diamond stuff I have. And not only because it is so gracefully chunky, so well crafted, but because it is something beautiful, natural and rare.
And colourful. I love colour.

Later, after a little break at Pushkin Café we crossed the river and wandered around Saint Germain.

...And since my friend didn't know the crazy store Deyrolle yet, Miss Mimi just HAD to show her...

I think, nature creates the most amazing colours, textures and effects:

...And as the topic of the day had been 'spring', I picked up these amazing fluorescent blue Butterflies in a box. They are like a piece of modern art, reminding me of Philippe Pasqua's work.
I think nature is better, though. 
Often imitated. Never duplicated.

What did you do to ring in spring?

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