Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The shows go on...

Today, day two. We have Felipe Oliveira Baptista and Rue du Mail. And I have issues with my camera, that not even an emergency phone call to Mr. Fixit can solve (My runway Images turn out totally blurry. I asked two of the Italian photographers to fix it for me pronto, but 20 minutes later still no different. Anyway, mille grazie. Whatever. Nobody is perfect.)
At least I have a good outfit on show, and since everyone else's camera seems to be clicking fine, it gets quite the coverage.
The funny thing I just realized is, that the Starwars Theme continues today. With the appearance of Darth Vader. Voila. Correct me, if I'm wrong.
And now, after the third show one thing is clear: Next winter will be printy.
What do you think of the Shows so far?


  1. Is that you on the first picture? Its so glamorous and cool. I love the fact that you mix H&M with high end brands. Those sneakers are to die for, they make your outfit look perfect bold. More style tips please.... because your style is iconic. And your makeup is superb. How many heads did you turn that day?

    1. Wow, Thank you for the nice comment!
      Yes, that's me. I'm happy you like the look! :) It had to be practical for running around town (hence the sneakers), and on top of all my other stuff I had to carry my huge camera, which perfectly fits into my Alexander Wang bag. It really is the most durable bag I've ever owned..
      I don't usually put that many pics of me on the blog (I think this is the third ever) because I wanted it to be less about MEMEMEEEE (like so many other blogs out there), and more understated, focusing on the content.
      Unfortunately that is quite limiting when it comes to fashion and make up. And I actually do love picking out nice outfits and discussing make up and trends, and what to wear how. So yes, I think there will be more of me, my style and some other tips in the future.
      Keep checking in! :)
      Xxx Miss Mimi