Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The DIY Hair die/dye project

Every February I have this strong urge for colour.
In my HAIR.
Last year it was pink and purple extensions and a butterfly, the year before it was a cotton candy pink wig, and this year I've decided to go for the real deal:
(You all know how much I hate FAKING IT, so pink extensions won't any longer be an option.)

Proper dyed tips. With a colour fade from violet to cotton candy pink in my naturally dark brown hair. Why should only Blondes have all the fun.
But since the amazing hair artist above is only available by appointment in his New York workshop, I have to think of a solution. (By the way: Thanos Samara has the most amazing website. So cool/ crazy/ inspiring/ freaky. Check it out at www.donteverloveme.com )

So I searched the Internet for some cool DIY hair tip dye project, and realized that it seems like I'm on my own. Chickens.
Something like that would never put me off, though.
So today I started out with a mood board.

 I went chemical shopping, anyway.
So, the plan is to bleach about half the length of my real hair entirely white. Then colour the upper half of the bleached part blue - to create the fade from brown to blue, and then colour the tips pale pink, hopefully creating some violet hues in the process.
(Of course I will wash, condition and dry the hair after every step. I'm a good gal.)

This is where I start at: Proper dark brown hair.
OK. I try to apply the decolorant with the provided paintbrush, but quickly turn to smudging it on with my fingers (wearing the plastic gloves of course). That works fine, and looks quite professional.
Note: Since we are working with BLEACH, wear white clothing only.

Done. Now, I have to soak it in for 45min.

Tick tick tick.

After what feels like hours later, I wash it out, condition and blow dry, and the result is: Zero.
OK, not zero. A very faint fade to lightish brown.

Guess I have to redo this step once. Or twice.

What now really is hours later: The colour has faded (into a light brown), and so has my motivation.
I now massage the pink colour into the dry, light brown strands, and paint on the purple to create a fade. Leave it on for another hour.

Meanwhile, my friend has handed me a blonde extension, to try it on 'her' hair.
There we go, this time without bleach. I paint the colour straight on.
And another hour later, we finally have the result of my first endeavour into the DIY world:
DIY sucks.
OK, not really. The colour in my brown hair is actually a quite pretty burgundy shade with slight purple highlights. Definitely looks cool.
But the blond streak is beautiful. Exactly what I had had in mind...
So the moral of the story is:
Unless you are a brave Blondie, don't do stuff involving hair yourself.

PS: All the timings, products etc are just a guideline. This is what I used and did. Your hair might be totally different from mine, so in case it turns out green, its not my fault! (But do send me a pic and I will  post it here..)

PSS: If you happen to be my Boyfriend, you may now give me a freaked out phonecall.. ;)

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