Friday, February 15, 2013

Oh Gosh, Gorgeous George!

I have this new guy living in my apartment. He was moved in with me yesterday, on Valentine's day as a surprise.
I kinda love him, but he is so bold and beautiful that I had to rearrange all my furniture to suit him.

He claims that all my pink stuff doesn't go well with his outfit, you see what I mean.

He's quite capricious. He fancies himself a piece of art.
But then again- why wouldn't he.
After all he's Gorgeous George.

Gorgeous George came out of the Peacock-Blue, complete with a sparkly collier and a Chanel Shopping bag.
(Apparently word got around that I was looking for a guy like him..)

Thank god he doesn't eat much. He doesn't talk back at me, either. 
He's the perfect guy, he listens and agrees to everything I say.
Plus he's super well dressed. He's room candy all the way.

He's super tall as well (yet I cant help but feeling he looks a little bit down on me).

And unlike many guys that are good from far but far from good, GG is even better up close.
Look for yourself!
So, sorry girls but you've gotta excuse me. Got to spend some quality time with my new birdfriend...!

PS: To those who now want to lecture me about the incorrectness of living with a guy like Gorgeous George I have the following answers:

1. Where is the difference between a peacock and a chicken (the latter almost everyone eats at least once a week)? Is a peacock worth more because he is beautiful? That is not politically correct, you know.

2. I am vegetarian 5 days a week and support the WWF, see the link to your right.

3. Don't even get me started about Thanksgiving.

4. Case dismissed. For those who like this kind of thing, this is the kind of thing they like.

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