Monday, January 07, 2013

Bollywood, Baby!

'Umrao Jaan' (1981)
There is a wonderful place in this world where you wont ever be overdressed.
A place, that is an endless source of inspiration. And accessories.

And today I was in the mood for bling.
So I went to Bombay Bazaar. Bombay Bazaar is amazing.

For every Saree you buy they will bring billions of boxes overflowing with matching bangles, earrings, hair ornaments, necklaces, foot bracelets, hip chains... It's paradise.

I wanted to get some of the stunning Indian custom jewellery that you can only get in India (obviously) or at Chanel (weirdly). The ones from Bombay bazaar look EXACTLY like the stuff from Chanel. And the price is a fraction of what Lagerfeld charges.
So, to cut a short story shorter: Today I went wild.
I wanted to recreate the glamorous, sparkly, traditional look from the 1980s Bollywood film 'Umrao Jaan'.

And this is what I bought:
1. a white and silver Swarovski Stone embroidered Saree
2. a strass and pearl hair ornament to be stuck into pony tails and chignons
3. a contemporary Indian strass bib necklace with matching earrings
4. the matching ornament for the forehead
5. a strass and pearl bib necklace with matching earrings, 'maharani style'
and some silver strass and pearl bangles

Once I'm back in Paris I will mix and match the pieces into my evening wardrobe. One at the time. A little bit of Bollywood goes a long way..

...and this is the result!!!
My dad laughed a lot and told me to watch out, for I will surely be getting a lot of marriage proposals like this.. ;)

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