Friday, January 25, 2013

Love, Lambs n' Roses

You may say about the girl what you want. But two things are as certain as cherries on a cake:

This was the one show I had been looking forward to all fashion week.
And since I had seen Zahia's two previous défilés, I had already been expecting  
(girls jumping out of giant cupcakes, rose petals falling from the skies, real live naked barbie doll brides coming out of boxes and the likes. You know what I mean.)
So this time I was overexcited. So much so, that I came late due to a lack of taxis and accidentally dropped my bag, spilling the crap mentioned below in front of perfectly prim pumps and rapidly raised eyebrows....
But seriously, this show made up for everything.
Champagne served by attentive boys with chapeaus, sandwiches and macaroons supplied by Laduree,
and the prettiest garden you can build in the Palais de Tokyo....


See for yourself.
Even for the couture the theme was everything flowers with a mix of Garden Eden/ Country Girl innocence.

My favourite in this beautiful show filled with stunning little nothings, was a dress made of lavender straws. Really!!! This must smell divine.. (maybe itch a little but who cares). What definitely does not itch: A feather bra and thong, made of pink champagne coloured plumes. Sooo sexy.
The other pieces were more country girl inspired, less glamorous, but equally cute.
Over all- I think this was the most beautiful show I have seen all week.

So, whats left to say?! Nothig, but:

Magnifique, Mademoiselle!

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  1. I've seen the documentary about this girl Zahia and let me first state that I believe everyone deserves the best in life no matter where you're from. And no matter how much I try to like her because I believe she's talented. I cant ignore the fact that she sets a bad example for young girls, who might think after watching her that they can accomplish the same as her by doing what she did. btw: It takes her three hours to get ready (hair and makeup) I still cant believe that. In three hours one can have a whole facelift.