Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get your FRONT ROW SEAT for...

This year starts lucky. With my invitation to the  
Stephane Rolland Haute Couture defilée, that is.

Like most of the big shows this Fashion Week, it was held at the...
...and my amazing stylist friend Sam and me were high- fashionably late.

(It did occur to me that I could have been slightly overdressed in my purple fox fur, lavender Hervé Léger, swarovski Louboutins, purple swarovski chandeliers and pink swarovski Lady Dior.. But hell yeah. C'est Pareeee!)

Whatevs, I'll cut the crap and SHOW YOU THE SHOW.

It was beautiful. Entirely white and black, with an otherworldly mix of strong shapes/materials and fairy touches, with chiffon, feathers, rocaille.
The skirts showcasing the legs with an element of see-trough chiffon were surprisingly witty.

Yet, my firm favourite was the sheer taupe/white chiffon bustier dress, whose top was covered in shiny, white rocaille elements. Stunning, really, like a Greek goddess emerged from the sea.

But this shows biggest WOW-Factor was veteran model Carmen Dell'Orefice's surprise appearance in a cloak that reminded me of Tilda Swintons snow queen of Narnia. (But maybe it's just me.)

Anyhow, I think this show was absolutely amazing. Out of another world.
What do you think?

(Pics are taken- as always- by me on my Canon D7, and may only be reposted/reblogged etc with my written permission. Which I will give anyway, if you cite me.)

The one above is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE robe. I think it was the best in show.
simply stunning. And I was still in awe, admiring this revelation in grey chiffon, when people started STARING.

Eternally beautiful US model and special guest, Carmen Dell'Orefice.

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