Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A materialistic Fairytale.

And I live in Paris, in the city of love and lights. But being a grown girl, I just can't believe that ideal matches are made in Heaven, anymore. Too much thunder and lightning there.

No. I have come to the conclusion that ideal matches are made 
on Rue Saint- Honoré.

But since it is a sea of plenty out there, and life in Paris is quite entertaining, a girl can be a little picky...
But no one should shop and party alone, so a girl always needs a few great girlfriends, who's advice she can trust!
So yes, in Paris there is plenty. Of Baguettes, guys, Vespas and shoes.
 Yet, a girl has to choose her battles wisely...
And since we don't want anyone to call us shallow, we should...


  1. I love those black sneakers, both pair. It reminds me that I should get some myself...

    1. You should. They really are amazing. Although the sneakers in this picture all belong to my friend. And i just realized I want a pair for myself, too! :)