Thursday, January 24, 2013

A beautiful mess

Every new bag (and bag and bag) again I make the strong resolution to be all grown up and housewifey and keep it in order...

No coins/bills/sunshades/ pink lipsticks/ sweets without wrappers/chewing gum papers/chewy dog toys/ pink post-its or pens on the loose!!!

So when today I got a new bag that has been on my wish list since a while, I was quite thrilled.
And full of good intentions.
It's the Louis Vuitton medium Alma in grey ostrich leather + the wallet. A beauty.

In fact, I was so overexcited that I filled the entire content of my regular bag into this new one, and ran all around Paris to show it off.

So, uhuuuuum... well.

(I have to confess, that now it looks like this)

But never mind. I think it is still tote-ally awesome. And much more cosy now.. :)

 Are you also as messy? Or is it just me?!

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