Thursday, December 20, 2012

Your daily dose of Mimi

I'm quite honoured. (And a tiny bit freaked out.)

I've been asked to be the 'Star DJ' at a huge 1000 people event on New Years Eve.
I'm not exactly a star and not really a professional DJ, 
but never mind.
I love music, I have some amazing shit, I've been playing at parties and I sure can dance. So I should be fine.
(Anyway, I just bought a superb, sparkly Shakira Top/Bra covered in golden studs, looking like a weapon. And some gold glitter nail polish.
To be on the SAFE SIDE)
Hell Yeah, I'm all set! :)

And just in time for the weekend, THE NEW PLAYLIST IS ONLINE!!!

It is a selection of Tracks that- amongst many others- I will be playing on the 31st..

Go get your daily dose of Mimi! Cheers to us!!! :)

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