Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The year of the D.O.G.G.


It's time to make some resolutions. Because if you don't know where you're headed, you won't ever reach. And the first step to getting ahead is getting started.
So here we go.

In 2013 I want to:

- become a secret agent and work under the covers with James Blond

- write a book about my fabulous, only slightly exaggerated life

- discover South America and South American fooooooooood

- go on a luxury safari

- go to Tomorrowland

- find the time to blog more

- stop using plastic bags and become greener

- set up a Twitter account because I've been told Twitter is huuuuuuge
- stop mixing champagne with vodka. Shame on me. Champagne will do just fine

- order ONE desert. Only. No more the more, the merrier..

- teach myself a real skill, like belly dancing or bow hunting

- get a stuffed white peacock from Deyrolles

- perfect my french

- become famous and check out Hollywood, again

- get an iPhone 

- get a Kelly Bag

- only wear matching socks 

- post more pictures on my Facebook Page

- adopt a healthier rhythm and go to bed by midnight, although plenty of exceptions are the rule ;)

- get my home-trampoline from Berlin to Paris so I can go for a jump, listening to my supercool playlists

- walk on Sunshine 6 days a week

- be vegetarian 5 days a week (does not include not wearing fur)

- read more classic novels like The great Gatsby, The Beautiful and Damned (or watch the film)

- go for a run 2x per week if the weather allows it*

- take THREE spoons of sugar instead of FOUR

- keep in touch with friends I lazily never keep in touch with

- stop buying the same shade of gloss/ polish/ liner/ blush over and over and over again

- actually DO all of the above

* The term 'allows it' is a slippery slope. I discovered that in 2012. When I slipped right back into my bed on every occasion.
By NEW definition [a-lao-zit]: Above 15° C, no rainfall. That should do.

Wishing you an amazing, truly wonderful and totally mimilicious 2013!!!

Lots of Luv, Miss Mimi
PS: what are your New Year resolutions? Dying to know!!!
have a...


  1. My new year's resolutions:
    -I hope to meet the right guy and write a book about that because it seems a hard task these days. Good men are very rare. I think I can help a lot of girls who are struggling with dating as well.
    -Maybe I can write a cookbook, and write about what type of dinner to cook for a certain type of man....I hope that one doesn't turn into a comedy style, because I really like cooking, its my passion.
    -do more pilates, (you dont have to leave the house for that)
    -Control my cravings for makeup and clothing, I always feel I want everything while I have enough. How much makeup can one have? I only have one face.
    -About your wishes for a safari: I love South Africa & Tanzania, its great for safari and fotoshoots. I had once a fotoshoot in Tanzania that turned into an unscripted safari... it can be scary, be aware.
    -I love sugar in my tea and Im not planning to moderate that. You cant turn a sweet girl into a bitter woman :)
    I am ready for 2013, the year of the snake.....
    Happy New Year

    1. Than you for your comment! Haha you are right! The dinner- man idea sounds like a lot of fun.. :) and I am sure you can add some nice recepes there.
      I soooo want to go to Tanzania.. really hope I can make it this year!
      But anyway, I think the book-writing resolution is great! hope to read it soon!
      Xx Miss Mimi