Friday, December 28, 2012

Miss Mimis Laptop Tutorial

Everybody loves my Laptop.
And I'm not surprised, because I love it too.
So in this easy peasy three step tutorial I'm gonna teach you, how to recreate my famous pink gadget.

And this is, how we do it:
Watcha need:

1. A Mac Book Pro or something similar, with a Bookmark to your favourite Blog *wink wink*  via

2. A hot pink, see through plastic case for the same 

3. A white Chanel Camellia flower, taken from a Chanel shopping bag. You know, the ones they stick on the outside of their accessories boxes and shopping bags.
They come with this super sticky double sided tape at their back. This tape will be needed.
It's for free, if you buy something at Chanel.

Watcha do:

Place the Mac in the pink case and stick the Camellia right on top of the apple. This is essential. Because the glow in the dark apple will back light your Camellia!
This looks beautiful, when you're reading Miss Mimi's World late at night. Or in class.

So, there you go girls! That's my trick.. :)

PS: This works well with other colour combinations, too. For example, a black Laptop case with a white flower will have a very Chanel-y effect. Or with a turquoise case it will look Tiffany-ey!

Send me pics of your creations and I will post them!
Xxx Miss Mimi

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