Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Life in Pictures..

This is my first week in Goa- in pictures.
I would have wanted to write some more, but:

I'm just too busy sunbathing, drinking strawberry milkshakes, jumping in the pool with my lil nephew, and eating all the lovely kebabs India has on offer.. 

My dad's chef spoils me ROTTEN, and I overheard him admiringly say today that 'this dog is verrrrrrry intellllllligent!' complete with Indian headjingle..
So, since I hardly have any time busy eating yummy curries + I'm preparing for you the NEW YEARS EVE PLAYLIST that I will post shortly + I have been asked to give an Interview for another fashion blog that I now have to arrange, above is my week in pictures. 
They anyway speak more than a novel..

Chill on. Love, Peace & Mimi.
Plus I let you sneak a peak into my luggage..

This is, what I packed for Goa:

A pink Bikini from Violet Lake
A pink denim short by Isabel Marant
Espadrilles and Classic embroidered flap bag, both Chanel '13 Cruise
An amazing Canon EOS 7D
My favourite heart shaped sunglasses I got for 5 Euros from Alexanderplatz in Berlin
My trademark amazing Earrings in turquoise
A ghd straightening iron is ESSENTIAL.
A good book
My pink Diary by Leuchtturm1917
Le vernis in 'splendeur' by Chanel
Sunscreen by Labiosthetique

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