Sunday, November 04, 2012

This November, why don't you...

It seems like Sandy took a Gulfstream and just touched down in Paris Town. With a storm going on outside my window it is beginning to dawn on me that it actually is WINTER now, and I guess we have to just go into hibernation for the time being..

To brighten up DULL DAYS,

Why don't you...

Get yourself some cute Accessories

Grow a Hyacinth

Check out the Chanel '13  Cruise Collection, that will arrive in stores this week and is on my 'Lovelist'

Visit Chanel's 'Little black Jacket' Exhibition if you're in Paris

Make Miss Mimi's drop dead delicious Chocolate and Berry Cake
Check the Kitchen for Instructions.

 ...And start thinking about Miss Mimi's Birthday Present, like  
The Mimobile, for example.. ;)
Xxx Miss Mimi

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