Sunday, November 18, 2012

The things I would have done in LA

Flying to LA is a different experience all together.

Chilling on board with Miss Mimi? Heidi Klum, Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers, of course. The others I didn't recognize, as I proudly DO NOT OWN A TV. I don't need one. I blog when I get bored.. ;)

Everyone you meet is a music producer/ actor/ model/ singer/ songwriter/ manager/ titty wonder.
I was so worried about how little brunette moderately chested Miss Mimi would fit into the Cali Beachblond laidback Lifestyle that I intensely googled LA Fashion Blogs, before the trip.
(Here are two amazing ones: Refinery29 and Song of Style)

To prepare myself.

But 'ts eeeeeasyyyyyyy.  Don't sweat the small stuff.
Everyone wears a beanie hat, a used looking T shirt, and black RayBan Wayfarers.
Basically it is the slouchy Parisian Look worn with a grin and lots of blindingly white teeth.

And everyone wants to be your friend.
That starts already on the plane. After a little chat about my 'occupation', the model turned actor in the seat next to me curiously eyes me up and down slowly saying  

'A. DAWWWG. BLAWWWG. I guess that's a very European thing to do.. And you seriously don't own a TV?!? You must be THE most unusual person I've ever met. And I've met quite a few.'

Yes bro, I would have guessed. You mix red wine with gin and tonic at 10 am. I haven't seen that one, either... :)

Even the Jet lag is not a problem.
I just get up a little earlier than usual, and go to bed a little earlier than usual, et voilà. Maybe I have been living on LA time all my life.

Flying back home from Lalaland is another special experience, too. Feels like rudely waking up from a beautiful dream you had, on a rainy grey November morning and its Monday and the first class is maths.

I guess my trip to the City of Angels is best summed up as a dream that lasted a few days. And then I woke up.
My rose colored RayBan's I threw into the Pacific Ocean, before I left. I don't need them anymore.

Decades, Kiki de Montparnasse, Getty Villa, Wildfox, Flying Pig Food Truck, Chateau Marmont, La Sandia

So yes, I was in LA. And no, I didn't get to do any of the things I wanted to do.

So now I'm sorry, I can't write you the article I would have wanted to write.

But I can do the following: 

Share with you the LOVELY LIST that I had prepared for my trip and that I didn't get the chance to do, so you can go and have ALL THE FUN...

Now you might wonder , what I did do? Well, I spent a lot of time in airports. and I wrote this article. And I prepared a little goodie for you:

My truly groovy LA Playlist is online now!!! It's pure California Dreamin'.. 

Xxx Miss Mimi
Ps: For a super yummy Quesadilla Recipe check Mimi's Kitchen! 

Did I miss something amazing? Let me know in the Comment section!!! :) 


  1. Well after reading your post I must say I recognize a few things with my LA experience. Last year I had the 'privilege' as a trainee advertising producer to do a 3 month internship at a top advertising agency in LA. For me this was a dream come true because I always wanted to live in LA and a career in the creative industry. It was a good careermove to producing movies in the future. And the californian dream of a house on the hills with pool & lifestyle was appealing, compared to the cold European weather. As soon I arrived in LA and met a few people I started to realize how different we are, although most Americans have european heritage. I dont know were to start. First one was their big tolerance to alcohol, drugs and prescription drugs, which is a big problem in US. They will think you're crazy when you say you dont drink alcohol or don't do drugs. But as soon as you light up an innocent sigaret they almost get a heartattack. Pure hypocrisy or just bad education? Then to the American taste of beauty. As a trainee producer I had to witness some castings. The models/actress who attended the castings accted really uneducated and stupid, to the point it was annoying. When I asked the director about this he said it was because most of these girls where not an A-list yet. It was as if they believed there was a separation of intelect and beauty. How stupid you act how 'hotter'your looks. Annyway I dont think it had to do with A-list or not since I met a lot of people during my time in LA I realize I could not be part of that, absent logic is not my thing. I dont want to. Their lack of education and being proud of it made me feel really bad. They are very superficial in a stupid way. As soon they find out you are a trainee producer the first thing they ask is:"are you famous? Do you want to be famous?"-No I just want to work on nice projects. Their obsession with fame and the idea they have about fame is so unrealistic. I also met a girl who had her boobs done (very big)I asked her why that big size, she answered that the big boobs would enlargen her chances to become an accountant. I am not lying here. They have very simplistic ideas about beauty, their idea: blonde hair and big boobs.They dont seem to care about the face and rest of the body. I have asked them where they got this idea from and they would say that all models look like this. I never seen a model looking like that so I dont know what type of models they are referring to (porn models maybe?)As a producer people would talk to me very easily and they would ask me why I didn't want to become an actress. I wanted to love LA so much but realized that I would be unhappy arround that type of people I need logic in my life. I was happy to leave after 3 months. LA could be heaven on earth... in theory and I think it was during a certain time. But I dont want to insult any americans because I know there are those who have an intellect and a good taste. The Getty museam is great with a great view. It represent the good old california.
    ps:I started to love mexican food during my stay as well. And I never got more attention from people than in LA, maybe it was my golden brown hair....haha

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! That is certainly a side I did not get to see. You know how it is, when you are somewhere in November and is is warm and sunny and promises to be a lot of fun, and then you have to leave after 4 days, you get the impression like you are missing out big time. I had such 'fomo', you cant immagine.. :) It felt as if, as a kid, my parents sent me to bed at 8pm on the night of a great party, when I had to leave LA after only such a short time.
      But i guess once you live in a certain 'dream location' for a few months on end, you get to dig a bit deeper.
      Thanks again for sharing your experience. I definitely feel much better now, about all this rain in Paris..! :)
      Xxx Mimi

    2. PS: I am totally CRAZY about mexican food.. Hence the Quesadilla recipe! :))

    3. Now I read my comment.... its so large. I cant imagine what I would have written if I stayed longer in LA. Maybe I should start a blog too and write about my experience. L.A is great to visit and has a nice vibe... I wanted to tell you one thing that was typical American. If you are a healthfreak like me, be careful were to eat since most food in USA is GMO (genetically modified organism)so you need to eat organic to avoid GMO's. Here in Europe you dont have to worry about that because GMO's are banned here. But keep that in mind when you visit the US again. This can be a problem when having diner outside which is a good excuse to only eat at fancy restaurants... or places where they serve only organic food.
      (GMO's make you fat and cause all type of diseases)

    4. Seriously?! That's crazy... I had no idea about the GMO's.. And I am quite the organic freak too, so these things really bother me..

    5. Even Charlie Sheen argued that GMO should at leased be labeled because people have the right to know what they eat. Read this article:
      As I said before: In Europe you dont have to worry about this problem because there is no GMO's.... yet.

      Take care

    6. That's crazy.. Thank you so much for all this information, that's super interesting!!!
      Xxx Mimi