Monday, November 05, 2012


I have to be honest with you. 
I have been restless for the last 3 weeks, wondering how I should tell you. Because I would feel bad if I didn't. And (unlike cats) dogs are honest beings. You can see it in our EYES. 

So, I decided to confess.

Until yesterday I had this electric blue creature in my house, accusingly STARING AT ME from across the room, sitting prominently on a dresser.

Every time I swayed past it, it would NAG about how I never took it out, and repeatedly give me THE SPEECH on 'how cool it would look if I wore it with blue jeans.' (As a matter of fact: I don't own blue jeans).
Or, 'how nice it would look in summer'. (No need to mention that they have started decorating the stores with Christmas trees and pretty, empty boxes).
Or, 'how I could wear it with that turquoise necklace I could buy.' (I think you see where this is headed).

In order to SILENCE IT, I bought 2 pair of jeans to go with the bag that goes with nothing. I bought 2 jumpers, for the same reason. And one top. And a blue nail polish.

The end result is: It still goes with NOTHING. 

And you know what I realized?

Electric blue is an amazing colour. Its energetic, exciting and fun. It might be purrrrfect for some women. It just isn't for me.
I'm just not part of the blue woman group. And I don't wanna be, either.

What is amazing for one, a colour, a shoe, a lipstick, a guy, a perfume, a tune, a star sign, a trend:  Might just not work for you. For no particular reason. It just doesn't work. No matter how hard you try and how much you want it to.

And you know what?

It doesn't have to, either. There are billions and billions of choices out there. Sometimes you will chose the wrong thing. Sometimes you will just pick up something without thinking, and will realize later that this was the best choice you ever made. And there will be things, many things, that ONLY YOU can carry off. And people will applaud you for it.

That is why it is so much more important to have style, over being stylish.

Electric blue is stylish. Accepting the fact that electric blue is not for you, is style.

Because, if you choose the wrong bag, you already know it in the store. Deep down you know it when he pays. You know it when you drag your- suddenly so HEAVY- shopping bag down Avenue Montaigne. And you know it when you hastily rip out the price tags, so it can't be exchanged anymore, and the agony of having to choose will finally be over.

Or so you hope.

For me, the safest sign to know that something is NOT for me, is when I catch myself lecturing the world on how good a certain choice was.
I guess, that's when we should just ADMIT IT and come clean.

And go and return this pretty, trendy electric blue Celine Luggage Bag for a stunning, timeless black and white Celine Trapeze. The one that caught my eye when I first entered the store, 3 weeks ago, but was so determined to get that blue one, that I just wouldn't give it a chance. So romantic!

Speaking of romance, Red Ferraris and white Lambos are not for me, either. I much rather stretch out in the passenger seat of a black Range Rover, the Trapeze at my feet.

The blue bag I haven't worn even once. In the three weeks I owned it. (OK maybe ONCE, in the rain.  And it housed my hound on a few occasions. But don't tell them at Celine!) The Trapeze I couldn't wait to take out of it's dust bag five meters away from the store, and proudly parade it on my arm, all the way home.

It is perfect with everything I own, you know.  It is me. 
(Guys will roll their eyes now, and think this is soooo shallow. 'How can A BAG be YOU?!' But they don't get the point. And that's alright. If they did, they would have advised me on which bag to buy, in the first place. And debated the sexiness of Bradley Cooper over the cuteness of Ryan Gosling, as we waited for the sales assistant to wrap it up.)


Because if you have to change your entire wardrobe and 'redefine yourself' to make
a bag fit into your life, I guess it is NOT FOR YOU. Because in the end you will just GIVE UP. And shove it right into the very back of your closet. Silence of the Lambskin.

Because accessories, guys, clothes should make our live easier. Better. More wonderful than it already is. If not, get rid of them. Exchange them for the one that fits to YOU.

So the bottom line is:
Shit happens. All the time. (And trust me: I own a dog, I know what I'm talking about. Just kidding) Sometimes you will make mistakes, that's a fact of life.
The only thing to remember is: If you cant go back and exchange it, forget about it. Don't Shar Pei your pretty little forehead. Keep smiling. And give it to a friend.

But if you can, do so within the given time. Three weeks that is, for Celine.. ;)


  1. You are right about that one. If you have to change your wardrobe for a bag and explaining why you bought it in the first place.... thats not a good sign. An accessory must lift up your outfit instead of making it even more complicated. And I think your choice to replace it for the black and white trapeze is much better and so easy to wear.

    1. Dear Anonymous, you're so right. I just love the classic black and white one. It goes with everything. I guess colours are best kept for clothes, and if you do go for a colour in an accessory like a bag, I think it should be your absolute favourite shade, like in my case red or pink.. Thank you for your comment,
      Xxx Miss Mimi

  2. just discovered your blog - subtle, funny, refreshingly new - love it! keep going, you won a new fan!

    1. Thank you for saying this, I am really happy you like it! :)
      Xxx Miss Mimi