Saturday, October 20, 2012


Bag: Celine

I have a love/hate relationship with this shade. Electric Blue.

I hate it, because in my girly wardrobe of pinks and reds  it doesn't really fit in and it always makes me a bit UNCOMFORTABLE...  And I have an unworn pair of Louboutins and an unworn Diane v. Furstenberg dress in my wardrobe in precisely this colour. Plus, why wear blue, if there is PINK.

But then, I love it. It is so stunning, quirky, bold and eye catching. It is fun, techno and high energy. It GRABS ATTENTION just as hot pink does, albeit being the most wearable of the wonderful Neons.
It is definitely NOT FOR THE SHY.  

So yes, i guess I'm hooked.

Since this colour is in all magazines and runways this season (and was so IN MY FACE on the GG episode yesterday, I decided to give my colour crush a second chance:

I picked the pussy option, being: A BAG. 
A Celine Luggage Phantom in suede, to be precise.

I figured since this trend is so BIG this season that there is no way around it, I might just go with the flow. And so Miss Mimi went to Celine this morning.

And has been racking her mind on how to wear it, ever since.

Obviously, the safest option is All Black. Black leggings, black cashmere turtle neck, black over the knee boots, chunky gold jewellery. Hair up in a ponytail. And the matching nail polish. Nice.
(Looks like this)

But that sounds pretty obvious and kinda boring. Not really for me. Plus in that case: A simple black Chanel bag would do a better job anyway.

So there should be some other ways to do this, too. Right? Like a more pinkish way..

So I came up with this:

Electric Blue + Emerald Green + Hot Pink

Jumper: Ralph Lauren, Leather Leggings: Roberto Cavalli, Vintage Necklace: Maison Gripoix pour Chanel, Stiletto: Christian Louboutin, Lipstick: YSL, Nail Polish: Chanel.

This bag matches wonderfully to my new Vintage Chanel Jewellery in emerald green.
And I like the idea of pairing this ultra modern shade with some stunning vintage pieces.

I realized, electric blue on black works beautifully, if you add another shade of light blue/ turquoise/green in combination with pink.
It brings out all the colours even better. (And you stand out like, hmmm.. someone wearing blue, pink AND green, because no one else does this.
I mean, you stand out in a good way.)

Electric Blue + Light Pink + Ivory
Jumper: Ralph Lauren, Scarf: Louis Vuitton, Jeans: True Religion, Vintage Earrings: Maison Gripoix pour Chanel, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Lip Art by Ciaté.

I think this is the cutest look for this colour. You tone down all the rest of your outfit and let the bag shine. I love coloured jeans anyway, and this pale shade of pink doesn't overpower the bag. The Lip-Art of course is just an example of what one could do, if one felt like it.. 

I mean,  your style wont ever evolve if you keep sticking to whatever in the past has proven itself useful. Right?

I guess the secret to pulling of the Yves Klein Blue look is to wear it -not like an art piece- but like it is no big deal. And that is true for most things, anyway.

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