Monday, September 03, 2012


Admit it or not, but we all need a HERO. Or like in my case, SIX.

I would be lost without my Indispensables. Just not my Mimi magnifique usual self.


They have saved my life on more than  just a couple of occasions and do magic, performing miracles on a daily basis..
Not bunnies-out-of-hats kinda magic, but magic none the less.
They never ever let me down, are available in every BIG AIRPORT, and fit into my handbag.. And by now you must be seeing just where this is headed:

Let me introduce... (drums)

MY BEAUTY HEROES!!! (tadaaa)

My Benefit Benetint Lip Balm has been my addiction since 2 years now, ever since I first dug it up at Sephora. It just gets it ALL right: the smooth, non-sticky texture, the yummy ROSE flavor, the perfect shade of red, the SPF 15, the pretty little pot it comes in. And the amount of compliments I get for it from guys, is just right, too.
So I give it a miracle quote of 9/10 (one minus point for the MASSIVE ADDICTION it causes..)

My beauty hero no. two is a proper GAL'S GADGET: The ghd straightening iron.
Ghd stands for good hair day, and this is precisely what you get. Even better, you get a GOOD HAIR LIFE, since these irons last for years to come, no matter how often you drop them on the floor. Plus, they switch themselves off after 30 minutes which is priceless, if you're just a little bit like mi-me... The only down side is that that Ironman is quite the Investment. But since my two last ones lasted 3 years each, I think this is justified.
So my miraculous quote for this MAGIC WAND is 10/10.

With all those transformers like the ghd around, we tend to overlook the simple, yet indispensable tools to a perfect look. Like my Marlies Moeller Paddle Brush. Made from wood, but yet so effective, it has lasted for years and still looks new. The wood the handle is made of, is beautiful and feels luxurious, and it is great for back combing, as well..
miracle quote: 9/10 (minus one for it not being PINK!!!)

In my opinion, (outer) BEAUTY basically burns down to perfect hair and bone structure, flawless skin and some nice curves. And although dealing with the bone structure and the curves is nothing I can give you advice on, I certainly can help when it comes to HAIR and SKIN:

I have been modeling since my PUPPY days, and the first rule I learnt from the make up artist was: always apply foundation with a BRUSH!!! It looks way more natural, is cleaner, I use a lot less product that ends up being wasted on my paws (or just cake-ing up on my face), and it goes much quicker and is totally unmessy. My favourite brush for foundations is the Finishing Brush by Laura Mercier
Miracle quote? 10/10!!! A true AIR BRUSH. 

For my Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer in nude + the Transparent pressed powder, I get so many looks I would use it even if it didn't last as long as it did, be as lightweight as it is, and have an SPF 20. The shades they have at Laura Mercier are so great, I can't ever choose which one is best. Plus, all Laura Mercier products basically last 1 YEAR MINIMUM, daily use, which is already a MIRACLE in itself. Which is why I am a huge fan, although they are on the pricier side.
So, the miracle quote from mi-me is 9/10. 
Oh, and plus one for the great CHARITY WORK the brand is doing in their research and awareness program for the Ovarian Cancer fund they have established!

Now, the BEST PART!!! In my opinion, A TRUE SUPER HERO for colour make up is Chanel. They have the most glamorous long-lasting shades, from nude and natural to FIERCELY TRENDY, and I get all my eye liners and nail polishes (a lady ALWAYS keeps her paws looking FAB!) as well as eye shadows from them...
My all-time favourite is the eye shadow set Mystic Eyes.The different shades of rose, light golden and dark brown as well as silver is a perfect palette that takes mi-me in no time from day to night and back, and works well with all eye colours, as it is very natural and stunning.
Mon quote miracle!? 10/10, bien sur!!! 

Any Suggestions???

Xxx Mimi

PS: As always with new cosmetics- HERO OR NOT- my skin might be different to yours, so I recommend you PATCH- TEST any new products before buying..

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