Friday, September 14, 2012


Let's admit it, we cant save the world with our own two paws.
But we CAN save our SOULS.

The following ten easy tricks are a quick and simple guide to saving your soul, appeasing your CONSCIENCE (if you still have one, or planned on getting one for the new season), and staying fashionably fabulous in the process:

1.  Recycle your trash. And I don't mean boyfriend swapping. In France this is a huge problem, as the idea is practically never  been heard of (not the boyfriend swapping thing: this the French do very well), but if possible: Chuck your old Vogues into the paper bin, your Dom Perignon bottles into the green glass container, and give your old Juicies to charity.

2. Leave your Range Rover in the garage. Get walking, get in shape! And if you order a cab, make sure its green!
Green hybrid cabs are available in Paris at TaxiG7 , in London at , in Berlin at in Zurich at and NY is coming soon!

3. Turn off your lights, Lady Gaga and your curling iron when you leave the house or when it's not in use. While the latter might actually save your life, all of these will save energy, that in turn will save the planet. And YOURSELF too, cause you're chilling HERE, bitch, and there's no back up plan in sight.

4. Buy your groceries from an organic store. In France: Naturalia, in Germany: Basic, in the UK: Daylesford Organic, in the US: Wholefoods) or from a farmers market, of which there are plenty in every city, and pick fruit and veggies that are local grown and in season, and not flown in first class from Thailand or the Philippines.

PS: Every big supermarket also has an organic department, and tell who ever is taking care of your home to use eco friendly cleaning products,too

5. Eat organic meat and fish, if you're like Mimi (SORRY! I'M A CARNIVORE!!!), and cant go totally vegetarian or vegan. The quality is way better, and might even do your health a favour. Or eat Kobe Beef. But anyway, try to avoid meat at least 3-5 days a week. The extra veggies will make your skin glow, too!

6. Adopt a fashionable pet at the WWF! for 1 euro a day you can get a tiger, a snow leopard or an elephant! WOW!!! I never fail to impress guys with my pet whale.. And you don't even have to clean the cage..!!!

7. If wearing fur, YES, SORRY! I LOVE IT!!! make at least sure, its Saga Furs. Saga Furs is kind of a responsible fur brand, ensuring animals are kept under best possible conditions.

8. Take the train wherever possible. Its so much more chilled than flying, seriously. No one will hassle you with those crap perfume limitations. And counting the way to the airport and back, security, check in, check out, delays... For short distances the train really is the better option. Or make the optional donation to the airline's charity, when purchasing a ticket. To make up to the environment for flying. It costs just a few euros and is a box you can tick, upon paying. Really, no hassle AT ALL.

9. Check out Eco Chic Designers like Stella McCartney, who have the highest standards when it comes to design as well as the environment.

10. Don't sit under the hot shower for 20 minutes while you wait for your hair mask to act. Get into your plush pink robe, paint your nails instead and rinse the mask off later.


Do five of the above regularly? Good girl.
Do eight? Even better!
Do all ten?! PAWS UP, and contact Mimi for your HALO HAIRBAND!!!

Show off to everyone what you're doing, be an Inspiration to them to be even better. I mean you know how girls are. We all just want to be the best.  
And if consciences actually become fashionable, its the best for all of us.

Miss Mimi

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