Monday, September 10, 2012


For this autumn, I chewed up all the magazines. I chased the designers and I dug up even the hardest hidden treasures.
Just so I could bring you back the best shoes. And bags, and jewellery.

Mimi wears a peplum jumper by Tory Burch, leather leggings by Burberry, shades by Amorir. Heels by Charlotte Olympia. Bag in fuchsia by Phillip Lim, in lavender by Proenza Schouler, in orange by Chanel. Scent by Tom Ford from the 'Jardin Noir' collection. Nail polish and necklace, both: Chanel
Because, in winter, people become like GIANT ANTS. They behave as if ONE THOUGHT only ruled all their minds:


Everywhere you see black coats, black pants, black scarves, pale faces.


No wonder, people get the BLUES..

How can you be happy and radiant, if you look like everyone else, and you all together look like you attended a FUNERAL..!?

I am always very easy to spot. Not because i have extraordinary ears, wonderful whiskers and a tail, but because I am the only one who wears COLOURS.

And not only do I wear colours, I also wear the accessories to match.

You will NEVER ever see me with sunglasses that are NORMAL. Shades are meant to be extraordinary. NO ONE CAN RECOGNIZE YOU ANYWAY. I tell myself.

They are the easiest way to show you are an individual, you don't take yourself too serious, and you've got your own head, your own style and enough pride to pull it off, too.

Mimi wears a jumper by Markus Lupfer, jeans by Seven. Sweater by Zoe Karssen, heels byAlejandro Ingelmo. Clutch Alexander Mcqueen, sneakers Isabel Marant.Shades by Amorir, bag 'Boy' by Chanel, and bracelet by Wilfredo Rosado

For example, my FAVOURITE sunglasses that I adored and wore constantly for 3 years (and still do if need be) I got on Berlin's Alexanderplatz for 5 euros.
They were HEARTSHAPED, and had the amazing effect, that EVERYBODY SMILED AT ME when I wore them.

Japanese tourists, children, grandmas, angry police officers (because mi-me couldn't park her pink car in a difficult spot, and caused a HUGE traffic jam), everyone was nice and showed me their most beautiful smiles (and got out of their police vehicle and parked the car for me).


I believe in the power of accessories ant the power of colour. Best combined.

Mimi wears a velvet jacket and silk pants, both Pucci, shades Amorir, bracelet as before, 'Yoko' hats by Maison Michel, sandal 'Teazer' by Jimmy Choo, pumps by Nicholas Kirkwood. Clutch and nail polish, both: Chanel

We wear practicable uniforms of little black dresses, jeans, shirts, leggings and jumpers, only differing slightly in their quality and SHADE OF GREY.

To an alien (the most objective opinion available), we all look identical.

Me too, I wear the uniform of my generation. But no one has ever accused me of dressing like everyone else, or being unimaginative and boring.

Because, I am creative when it comes to accessories.

They make or break every look.
They communicate to people what you want them to know about you.

(Undoubtedly, the best strategy to get a message across is having it printed on your tee. But do use with caution! No 'sexy bitch' slogans, please)

Mimi wears a green peplum jumper by Alexander Mcqueen, scarf by Louis Vuitton. Hat by Roberto Cavalli, boots left: Givenchy. Boots right: Altuzarra. Bag front: Bally. Grey messenger bag by Burberry. Clutch by Fendi. Shades by Amorir, earrings by Kimberly Mc Donald.

So, may the colours of the RAINBOW be with you for this winter.

After all, whats the point of going out if you'll go unnoticed?!

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