Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I'm so excited!
And I just can't hide it!
The new season is just a few golden leaves blowing down Avenue Montaigne away, and I'm nibbling at my paws in anticipation. Studying all my favourite magazines' September Issues that pile up from my sofa to the ceiling, tripping to bury mi-me under a glossy avalanche at any second, I find myself musing over new years resolutions.
Just like any other Parisienne that's worth her Chanel 2.55 should be doing this time of the year.
Thou shall be nicer to thy sister, thou shall chuck out all that crap you bought and didn't wear the last year or give it to charity- if anyone wants a pink tutu, though shall not, I repeat: NOT! keep eating Amorino ice cream like it was your last supper, and thou shall worship Zuhair Murad.

Be sure to greet it in style, glorious September, fashions official new year. Get your bronzed body on a jet back home from Monaco, Mykonos, Honolulu, or where else the summer breeze might have blown you, polish up your skin (I recommend a brown sugar and rose oil body scrub to calm, nourish  and make it soft and silky) and your big city gal accent/ rude Parisian bitch attitude, brush the last corns of sand off your back and trade your Bikini for Jimmy Choo Biker boots, leggings and some berry coloured cashmere in preparation for whats just around the corner.

This month I crave falling in lust again with Tom Ford's new floral inspired perfume potions from the Jardin Noir Collection, that will be revealed on September 4th.
Just about everything this season is très, très noir. Dark circled , pale skinned sensuality, blood red lips and brooding looks, seductive and haunting like one of those ghost stories you were never old enough to hear.

Very much on my waiting(for)list this September is an exhibition I am totally thrilled to see: Avenue Montaigne's auction house Artcurial shows the finest of french Interior design, in cooperation with the Architectural Digest. It showcases thirteen Paris based Interior designers works- amongst them  Chahan Minassian and Bruno Moinard (check out Veuve Clicquot's stunning Hotel du Marc in Reims where Mr. Moinard did the interiors) - starting on September 8th.

Running right up, Paris Fashion Week with all its shows and parties and some pretty invitations for mi-me, and a much anticipated visit from my stylist best friend and fashion blogger, french bulldog Mr. Bentley, 'cause as always when Bentley's around, just about anything can happen.

But very much needed at this time is some fresher breeze of air, that allows mi-me to store away my 80ies fan and impress everyone with my new aubergine coloured foxy. Obviously, in très fashionable Pariee, a lady grows a winter fur the instant the temperature drops below that of café crème.

So round up your new season shopping spree at the Plaza Terrace, sip a coup de champagne and watch out for some amusing chin-chilling in the heat..!!!

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