Thursday, August 30, 2012


Its a vintage wonderland out there.

Just about every old crap is glammed up and passed off as VINTAGE these days. Of course with the four digit price tags to match.
Beautiful classics that have stood the test of time drown in seas of fake antiques, filthy second hand rags and cheap crap from eBay.

But what is vintage?!

TIME is the key factor when it comes to determining if a piece is vintage or not, because last season will always just be LAST SEASON.

But also the QUALITY itself. If it is just some old trash its not gonna be a killer, its gonna be dead.
If it was a pumpkin back in the 80s, it wont magically be transformed into Cinderella decades later. Time's not that kind, not even once upon a time.
Pumpkin stays pumpkin. ROTTEN PUMPKIN, for that sake.

Don't get me wrong: I love vintage stuff. 
Some of these pieces are truly amazing, one of a kind treasures, that are worth the dough. But it takes more time to track those down. Some luck and some good addresses, as to where to dig.

So if you are looking for the truly special bag or jewellery, go, get vintage.
But get a BRAND and get QUALITY. Check it for signs of wear and tear. Sniff it, and if you catch just as much as a whiff of granny get the hell out.
Buy something that matches your style and will be a valued addition to your wardrobe for years to come.

If I go on a vintage treasure hunt around St Germain, I never look for shoes or clothes. These things are too personal for my taste. Bags usually show too much wear for my liking.
But I splurge on good quality, branded vintage jewellery. Watch out for the label, usually printed in the metal on the back.

And I totally make use of my puppy dog eyes to get prices to drop. In the end every one's smiling and mi-me and my dinosaur designer-bone live happily ever after.

But OH WONDER! These rules don't only apply to Chanel jackets and YSL baubles, but also to period furniture, Jaguars, Dom Perignon and- listen up now- TO MEN.
Especially to men.

Word to the wise, I am convinced that if a girl picks a guy older than herself, he will have a lot more experience in any field, have something to say that most likely is interesting, posses this vintage true gentlemen charm that only comes with time, experience and success, make her listen to music she's never even heard of, treat her like the lady she is, as he is more mature and knows what shes worth. As he's had his wild times, hes gonna be more caring and devoted to the queen of his heart, and knows, that the grass on the other side cant even compare.
And she can learn a thing or two from him, more likely, a billion.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, not to name names, Mr. Hefner. 


Oh, and obviously she could advance her career if he oh so coincidentally! happened to be her boss, help her set up her own business if he was a hot entrepreneur, get top marks if he's her professor, save her life if he's James Bond.

And stay happy and healthy if he's a Doc Vet.
These are my favourites anyway. Needless to say, I haven't had a FLEA in years.

But what I said about the whiff of granny is here even more true: get a hint of WIFE, run girl, run.
He must be truly special, love you a great deal and treat you like a princess to be worthy for a beautiful bitch to wait till a divorce is trough. 

Because Oldie doesn't equal Goldie. Hell no. ONLY GOLDIES ARE GOLDIES. And that's it.

My favourite vintage boutiques are:
Karry'O, 62, Rue de Saint-Pères, 7ème.
Didier Ludot, 24, Galerie Montpensier, 1ère.