Monday, August 20, 2012


Wherever I go.
I've ditched the neon pink I've been so faithful to, basically from the cradle (!) since my parents had finally figured out that it's a girl, in favour of red. That has never ever happened to me before. Does that mean I have scarlet fever!? Or that I've finally grown up?!?
This season, I love this colour in all its many shades... 50 shades of Grey is such total crap, should go instantly in the trash and stay there. But red is simply stunning...  I love everything you could call a "berry shade", blackberry, cherry, raspberry, wine red and aubergine (and yes, I did do my fruitology homework, aubergines are berries. Tomatoes too)... These colours are so warm, sensual, and grown-up in a good way... I love the boudoir feel, they have to them.

Speaking of, find below my two new favourite potions..

Jasmin Rouge comes in a beautiful, glamorous deep red flacon, so it qualified. But also because of this amazing floriental scent, a dusky, spicy Jasmin, reminding me of hot nights in Rajasthan, erotic and decadent... And that's exactly, what it should be worn for. On my skin it develops beautifully and definitely is my new signature scent..

Noir de Noir is a super sexy chyphre of a scent, a very complex creation. (It smells exactly like what I would have expected from Chanel's Coco Noir, which, after all this hype, I found rather disappointing)
So, there I went, with a bottle of Noir de Noir instead. If you like sensual oriental fragrances with Jasmin, rose, oud, black truffles, patchouli and chocolate, you should definitely give them a try. But the Private Blend Collection by Tom Ford is such a magic box anyway, that even if those two might not be your choice, you will definitely find the one for you, that will blow your mind...

So, this is what I am totally crazy about for September:

Above, in order of appearance, left to right:

1. Deep red shearling boots with golden zipper and buckle, 14 cm heel
Giuseppe Zanotti

2. Bordeaux coloured suede open toe stilettos, 14 cm heel
Giuseppe Zanotti

3. Bird sneakers, golden perforated goat skin
Isabel Marant

4. Large Alma tote, red vernis leather with additional key chain
Louis Vuitton

5. Large scented candle, Tubereuse, 300 gr

6. Noir de Noir and Jasmin Rouge, Eau de Parfum, each 50 ml
Tom Ford

7. Smoke Red, Nail Laquer No 15
Tom Ford

8. Lip Laquer No 13, Lipgloss and Rouge Pur No 151, Lipstick, both
Yves Saint Laurent

9. Deep red silk satin balconet bra and matching bow (worn by Mimi)

10. Deep red felt hat and Marquise sunglasses, both

...but don't you worry about me not liking PINK no more. I'm not going to change this blogs colours to red. I still adore pink. Pink diamonds are always welcome. Pink champagne will definitely be drunk. My diary is pink. My fridge is pink. I still dream in pink. It's probably just a flight of fancy. I wont ever leave pink for Rhett. Or, maybe I would..  ;)

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