Tuesday, June 04, 2013

My trip to New York is slowly coming to an end... And I have to say, I had a great time!!!

And in case you are heading up to the Big Apple this summer, here are my top addresses...

To have a great day in NYC, you should start it off with:

Brunch at either Bubby's in Tribeca, or at the Atlantic Grill on the Upper East Side, where you can feast on delicious eggs Benedict, yummy milkshakes and the likes.

A great place to go for
Lunch is the Chelsea Market in Chelsea, the Smorgasburg Market in Williamsburg and the Mercer Kitchen in Soho. For the best Burger in NYC, head to DuMont in Williamsburg!

Ice Cream: The best place for ice cream is definitely The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in the East Village. So delish, I don't have words!

Dinner head to La Esquina (Mexican) in the East Village, or The Darby in Meatpacking.

Drinks are best at the Rose Bar of the Gramercy Park Hotel and at The Standard in Soho.

And for clubbing: check out The Box and Boom Boom Room!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lazy Sunday

It's a lazy sunday afternoon in New York and I love it. Only thing:
 Somebody looks guilty...

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Highway to ELLE!

So, I've grown up. A little. And moved on. Not really. ;)

Fact is: I'm on the Highway to ELLE. Miss Mimi got promoted. And from today onwards she will be calling herself by her real name, that is Melissa, and will be blogging for the German ELLE. For my NEW BLOG, called Berlin-Paris.

So yeah, I'm kinda proud...  And still blown away...

ELLE is kinda strict and have issued me a whole list of what I'm NOT supposed to do:

- no pink
- no light pink, either (harharharrr I'm using PURPLE!!!)
- a ban on BOWS
- no HEARTS, as well
- a black background
- no use of THE  DAWG to excess
- no spelling missteiks
- not a single comma is to be forgotten!!!
- my proper name, no Miss or Missy
- regular blogging and posting hours.
- no LOL, OMG or WTF!!!
- and all posts are to be written in German

But don't you worry. I will still find the time to update my pink little kingdom.
I hope you speak German! Anyway, I will post lots of outfits and pictures.
So do check it out! Miss Mimi, uh um sorry, Melissa now for ELLE, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday! Yeah!!! :)

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or in ELLE-Terms:

Friday, May 03, 2013

Paint it Pink!

Shame on me, really. I am even worse than I had imagined.
But I promise: I will be back soon!
So, what do you think of this illustration of me, that was done for my new project?
Isn't the camera looking cute? :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I know I've been a bad girl. I haven't posted anything in AGES. Fact is, I've been super busy travelling all around Europe, and working on my second project, something I'm really excited about. It's still confidential, but I hope I can reveal it to you in a couple of days!!!
And then, it's super sunny and nice in Paris, finally.
And the Plaza Athenée Hotel had it's 100th Bday Bash last night, which was quite amazing, too.
I also shopped a little bit. I had the need for colour. 
Can you spot the 'new one'???

So today I dressed up, and spent an amazing afternoon at Parc Monceau, with the dawwwwg, the girls, the guys and the cat hat. Quite clearly, the cat is back. Or the cat never left, more likely.

This is what I wore:

Spring is finally shaping up now. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Berin Rocks. Berlin, Part 2

Welcome to my Berlin Trip, Part 2. (Read Part 1 here)
Yesterday I was lucky with the weather, so my friend Maria and me went all around the city on a treasure hunt. Berlin is such a vibrant city, that embraces the past and present alike. There is just so much to see, I get totally pulled in.
Remember this pink retro camera that has been all around my blog ever since I first saw it on the Internet? Well, apparently retro cameras are a huge hype in the German capital, and I managed to track one down. There it is. Ain't she a beauty?! My very own pink Lomo.
I love it just so much. It's the perfect geeky/glam accessory. But she is an equally useful camera. I've been fiddling around with 120mm films all day. Can't wait to see how my first Lomo pics turned out. I'll pick them up this afternoon.
BTW: The best waffles, ice cream, crepes in Berlin you can get at a tiny cafe called 'Glücklich am Park', which translates to 'Happy by the Park' in the Kastanienallee 54 in Mitte.

And in case you had no clue about the German national animal: It's the Sausage Dog. Looks like a sausage, eats only sausages. Lives in packs.
Shop my Look

 So, up on Thursday: Part 3 of the Berlin Trip. With hopefully the real Lomo pictures, real creature comfort food and some other vintage treasures that I found. Don't miss it! Untill then..
Want more Berlin?

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Berlin Blooms. Berlin, Part 1

Spring in Berlin, and flowers are everywhere.. They flood the markets in Mitte, and look so stunning, I want to buy them all. Which I can't. But I do buy myself the most beautiful bath salts with almond milk and roses. Smells so divine!!! Of course with matching rose bud soap. They are handmade by a tiny little Berlin brand called 'Verzaubereien', which means 'Enchantments', and enchanting they are...

They look so nice on my vanity!
I love my vanity, anyway. It is so pretty and glam, that when I enter my bathroom at home in Berlin, I instantly feel like a diva.. Plus I just got myself those super cute little vases by ASA Design. Love them! They are totally my style: Retro, cute and pink.
So that was Day One of my Berlin trip. I'm exhausted from carrying my Canon around town all day. Can't write any more tonight. But since I finally managed to sort out my Internet, day two with all my cool pics of the city plus my new AMAZING RETRO TREASURES I bought today, will follow on Tuesday.
Don't miss it!
Want more Berlin?
The Berlin Series, Part 2 

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Random and Inspiring. London, Part 3

I know. Somehow I managed to turn a single trip to London into a trilogy of posts. 
Read Part 1, I speak Pink and Part 2, Life's a Feast here.
It's just that you cant mix shoes, food, music and interiors all together. Not in a single blog post. It looks all weird and mixed up.
Anyhow, here it is, part 3 of my London trip, with some of the pretty little things I saw.

Elderflower Soda and Raspberry Lollypop at Ottolenghi, Stunning wallpaper at Matthew Williamson.

Amazing Alexander McQueen vintage lace dress in Notting Hill

My colour crush! Vintage shopping in Notting Hill
BTW: Happy Easter. My new friend Yello hid all the eggs in his cage. Now that's not fair!

Oh, I love London doors! They are so stunning and colourfull. My dream is to one day have a door like that one. Bright pink.
Speaking of pink, my Playlist this time is a mix of my new favourite songs- I just discovered the band MSMR (Miss Mister), some stuff I heard going out in Paris, and, as promised, some tunes from the Coburg Bar at the Connaught. Plus I've got a new, cool, pink music player. Tune in and enjoy! 

 PS: I'm off to Berlin tomorrow for a couple of days. If I get my Internet sorted- which I hope I will- my next post will come straight from my other favourite city.. :)

Want more?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Life's a Feast. London, Part 2

Hello, hello. Since we dealt with shoes in Part 1 of the 'London Series', we can now take a turn to the second necessity of life: Food. And drinks. London is huge, and bursting with amazing restaurants. But instead of giving you a list of the usual hot spots, I want to show you some of my very own favourite places...

So, first things first: Brunch.

A perfect place for brunch, although they serve food till late at night. In this impressive location, that would be worth a visit even if food was not as good as it is, you can feast on the yummiest Eggs Benedict, chicken, bacon and avocado sandwiches, and hot chocolate (made of real chocolate) with cream. (And some odd German/Austrian specialities.) But be sure to make a reservation in advance, and to tell the cabbie to take you to the 'Woooolsy', or else....!

The Wolseley, 160 Piccadilly, W1 London. +44 20 7499 6996   www.thewolseley.com

Then, Lunch:

My all time favourite. I think there is no better. You see, I just cant get over this place. Everything is sooooo yummy. It's all fresh,  it's all home made, it all looks amazing and organic. And tastes even better. Plus it's located in the heart of Notting Hill. On their card it says they have four places all over London, but this is the original one. Do check it out.

Ottolenghi, 63 Ledbury Road,  W11 London. +44 20 7727 1121    www.ottolenghi.co.uk

After that, Tea:
Peggy Porschen is a super cute, tiny little patisserie on Elizabeth Street in Belgravia, which is known for its cupcakes, wedding cakes (they did Stella McCartney's), and cookies. In store they have a little home-made sweets counter, and if you're lucky you can grab one of the three little tables and have a tea. I don't know the exact house number on Elizabeth Street, but it is so pink, you just can't miss it. :)

Peggy Porschen, Elizabeth Street, SW1 London. +44 20 7730 1316    www.peggyporschen.com

Finally, Dinner:

Scotts is superb. The Bellinis are just yumm, the fish is heavenly. Oysters, Ceviche, Salmon tartare, Lobster, Sole... And the Vanilla ice cream with crispy honey and hot chocolate sauce, to die for. Ask for a table outside in the summer, and definitely have a drink at the seafood bar before dinner. Don't forget to book!

Scotts, 20 Mount Street, W1 London. +44 20 7495 7309    www.scotts-restaurant.com

Still up? Drinks!

The Connaught is a fine hotel. Service is impeccable. Everyone is just so friendly. And their twenties- style 'Coburg bar' positively rocks. It is all subtle elegance, warm crackling fires, twenties music (some of which you can find on my London playlist), and the drinks are gulp-them-down-good. People are smart, it is bustling yet intimate. A perfect way to round up the evening with a Brandy Alexander, or two. Or three. 

The Connaught, Carlos Place Mayfair, W1 London. +44 20 7499 7070   www.the-connaught.co.uk

BTW: Here's the recipe. It's my new favourite drink, and it's fairly simple, yet impressive. And it tastes like the Aston Martin version of a Baileys. So if this year the Easter eggs don't contain enough Eggnog (knock), you know what to do.

Pour into a cocktail glass, and...
PS: Writing this post I realized just how many pics I took, and that I can't possibly mix food with interiors. So, up on Tuesday: My Interior Inspirations from London, plus the London Playlist. At last.